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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by melmel, Jun 5, 2004.

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    Please help me in deciding which ZTR to choose for my own lawn. I've got about 2 acres of lawn--60% open, 40% small trees. My 42" Craftsman lawn tractor is now taking much too long to cut. I think I've narrowed it down to two ZTRs--Simplicity Consumer Z and the Gravely 34Z. The Simplicity is a "residential" mower, while the Gravely is of "commercial" quality. Both are $3999.00. Here are some of the differences:

    44" deck with 18 HP, SINGLE cylinder Kohler
    7 MPH forward

    34" deck with 15 HP, TWO cylinder Kawasaki.
    9 MPH forward

    As an amateur, I simply cannot tell the differences between a so-called residential and commercial unit in terms of quality. Would it really make a difference for someone who cuts once per week? Would a 34" deck be sufficient (keep in mind that this Gravely was incredibly quick at 9 MPH)? Should I save $$ by buying another riding lawn tractor with a larger deck, say, 52"?

    I live in Florida. In July, August, and September, my lawn is all slush. Lots of water and the grass (combination of Bahia and Bermuda) can get very thick.

    Any thoughts appreciated, including the reputations of Simplicity and Gravely in the zero turn market.

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    I Demo'd both simplicity units. The 18 and 20hp units. They appear to be built very tough. They have the seperate pump and motor setup like the commercial units. The gravely looks like a nice little unit, but a 34" deck seems too small.
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    Either will do good for your use. Where can you get parts for the simplicity though? Seems the Gravley would be better in this respect. What about gates, or a future gate in the yard. The 34 will be great for that. But either one should last forever.

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