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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kalyeah, May 31, 2006.

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    I have a customer who treats his own lawn. I think I'm going to drop him at the end of the year. It grows way too fast all year long. He treats it himself. I have a question about something he is doing though. It's a mostly fescue lawn. He really goes overboard on the fert. He's going crazy trying to get rid of a couple spots of bermuda grass. Now if it were me I'd just round up them. His approach is to burn them up by applying too much fertilizer. Now he has a couple big brown spots in his lawn. He's wanting me to put down seed. I told him he's crazy.....it's been almost 90 degrees here this week. Way too hot to be seeding. So what's everyone elses opinion on how he's trying to rid his lawn of the bermuda grass and crab grass? I don't apply fert/weed control but if it were my own lawn I'd take a different approach. Any input?
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    If it was me and I was getting paid by the cut, I'd make sure to show up as often as needed and keep on getting it, let him do his thing.

    As for the seed, first off you are right, it is the wrong time of year. But you might can throw down 10 pounds or so and charge 30 dollars but I do so dislike breaking down my 50-pound bags of seed like that, still you should inform him that it is the wrong time of the year first. then if they insist I'd do it anyway.

    I've had a few like that, they want to do their own thing and they're not quite on track with it ... I don't think I have any like that today, but I find it tolerable so long I can charge for it and they pay. Takes a bit of that "it's really not my problem" attitude, and so it's not my favorite job either for the main reason it eventually comes back on me some kind of way, but until such day I keep on getting it, I just know likely this customer won't be around forever because of that karma issue.

    To be quite honest, if I see one of these coming and I have enough work, I won't even start with this kind just because of all that...
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    my largest account, also treats his own lawn. he fertilized it in the spring with what couldve been horse steroids or something because that thing must grow 4 inches in 5days. glad its mostly a rural house for his mother, so its not the most immaculate lawn but its still over an acre and it kills me, had to raise for him, good thing he was a nice guy and said no problem.
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    On new lots, its like night and day which ones are ferted and which are not. I have one that ferts it 3x too much and waters it every 6 minutes, then askes why its roting. i tell her not to water so much, doesn't believe me I guess. Just going to have to double cut it...1.5x the pay!
  5. JJLandscapes

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    yea i always wonder what some customers who treat there own lawns put on to make it grow so fast i feel they fertilize every other week
  6. grass-scapes

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    Wait till summer. Explain to him that if he continues to fertilize heavy and we get some rain, he gonna get a fungus (brown patch, etc.) or you could just let it happen and make some money with a fungicide.

    have you tried to sell him on letting you do the proper fert schedule? You MUST explain to him that you need 75% of your total nitrogen for your lawn in the FALL, not the spring. That is the way to a good lawn. On fescue, this time of year, you should be putting 1/2 lb of N per 1000 sf MAX. Id probably only put down 1/4 Lb.
  7. kalyeah

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    I can't do the fert. I'm not liscensed. I've been trying to get him to call the guy that I always refer though. I have a question about the seeding.....since he killed the areas by burning it up with too much fert(he did this on purpose to kill bermuda grass) Will that affect the seed from germinating? I always used round up(at my house) if I wanted to kill something and then seed. I know it's too hot to seed and i told him that. But will the fert burn affect the new seed?

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