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Homeowner trying to landscape backyard

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by 00bolt, May 1, 2006.

  1. 00bolt

    00bolt LawnSite Member
    Messages: 36

    Hi guys, im new to this site. Im not a professional, im just an average homeowner looking for some advice. Wife and I just sold a hotub we had in backyard so were left with a huge 8x8 concrete slab... found this gazebo at walmart and wanna get backyard to be a real nice pretty peaceful place to hangout, cookout, spend time with friends, family, etc....

    As you can see my yard is not that big, we put some redtip fetinas on back fence in hopes they will grow up a bit and give some more privacy... Planted some sort of oak tree in right corner and JUST yesterday planted 4 new plants. 2 of them are planted next to the gazebo and are a vine type plant that can grow up the rod iron sides. The other 2 are up against the house there. Cant remember the names of the plants, but man at nursery said both are summer bloomers, one against wall can get full sun and 2 by gazebo are partical shade.... he said both are extremely potent smellers...

    anyway, so far we are pretty pleased with what we have going, but wanted some advice on some other things we could do to finish it out... currently the side fense behind gazebo and that corner are empty, under tree is empty (gets very little sun over there)....

    i live in Arlington, Texas which is inbetween Dallas/Ft. Worth. Its nothing for our summers to stay in high 90s. I do have a sprinkler system.

    If you have any advice or know of a better place for me to go, i would GREATLY appreciate it... thanks






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