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Hi, I have 1 acre of St. Augustine grass to cut each week. Do you suppose a "homeowner" zero turn mower is sufficient, or would you spend the extra $$ for a commercial?

Dealers in the area have Toro, Gravely, Snapper, John Deere. I know nothing about either. They recommended the following:

Gravely ZT 2352 (52", 23 HP Kohler) $4250
Snapper ZT20500BV (50", 20 HP Brigss and Stratton) $4699
John Deere Z-Trak 717 for $5,995 (44", 19 HP Kawasaki) which is commercial grade.



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Check out new Simplicity ZTR.... I have seen one the other day at local dealer and what a nice machine it is! Simplicity is parent company of Ferris Ind. which is in commercial mower market pretty big. Commercial quality with homeowner price....$4000 up here in PA



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You might also check out the Hustler FastTrack or the Country Clipper JAZeeTwo (20 hp Kohler twin w/48 or 52" deck). The J2 has a flip-up deck for easy access and a convenient one-handed joystick for steering. Try to stick with Kawasaki, Honda or Kohler engines.


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The Snapper and the Simplicity are virtually the same mower (Simplicity now owns Snapper).
I believe they each have 2 models....one model with a 44" deck & 18hp engine for about $4000, and the other model like you've listed which has a 52" deck & 20hp engine for about $4700.
The Snapper/Simplicity mowers seem to be well-built, with influence from the Ferris commercial division.
The Briggs engines they are installing are the Vanguard model, which is Brigg's commercial-grade engine.


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Go with a commercial ztr, it will last you a lifetime with the amount of hours you will be putting on it.

Exmark Lazer Z CT or Hustler Mini-Z are great choices.


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This is exactly what I'm looking at doing. The Simplicity looks real nice ,even if it isn't a "commercial" machine. I think it will last a long time. I only cut approx 8-10 per week so why wouldn't it last a long time. I think the replies from people pushing the commercial stuff are justified if you mow all day every day ,but what if you just want a nice Z for your own property or you are a part time person like myself. It seems like if you don't use one of the high dollar machines that the "pros" use your some kind of "scrub".

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