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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Capemay Eagle, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. marksc

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    My quest for the perfect walkbehind for my 1 acre over the last year.First it was the Scag sw48a, loved this machine(cut and stripped best) but the offer I couldn't refuse came along. Then came the Turf Tracer(finnicky b!@ch) couldn't get it to cut right To many systems on this to keep lined up. Next the Proline, boy I couldn't wait to get rid of this, granted I spent no time tuning for cut or comfort, I mowed with it twice my back was killing me so Bye Bye (I am 6'4). And what I have now Metro ecs with there highest lift solid foil, cut is acceptable, stripes OK and it is comfortable. Is it perfect NO!, but it is getting there I am thinking a Metro or Viking with a Kawasaki would be the best I could for my property.



    exmark 91.JPG

    metro done1.JPG
  2. Capemay Eagle

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    You did not like the pro line huh? I used one years ago and I liked it. I thought it was a great mower.
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    Well, it has the same deck as the Metro so I am sure I could get it cut well, but the T-bar was to low even after adjustment. I would have had to adjust it back and fabricate the e-brake bracket. It would be a nice machine just not for me(it just felt like work). If I could ECS on a Scag it would be great(demoed a Pro V-not my thing). I drilled new holes in the Scag handle bars and raised them, it was heaven but the only downfall was that the deck was 6 inches to long and would not cut the gully in my back yard (had to pull out the 21" every other week).I wanted to try a Velocity deck but that is even 6 inches longer than the advantage. The Metro does well I would just prefer a kawasaki powerplant vs the Kohler single. My friend bought a Turboforce 48" gear, pistol and it is a nice machine but is 2 inches longer than the Metro. My neighbor just got a 48" bobcat hydro and while nice I cannot get the quality of cut of the Metro or Scag, but it does stripe nice and does the gully OK. I really liked my Lesco I had three years ago that I sold when I went abroad for a year, but a hydro is pretty much overkill for my property as it takes 45 min to cut and I like the ability to move it around the garage without starting it.As you can see I like to try different equipment to find ot what works best as each has it's own merit's and downfalls.

    Lesco 004.jpg
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    What size trailer is that?

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    When I get home I'll post pics of the Project Walker I'm working on.... 1989 MS 42 GHS which replaced the 1965 Wheel horse I refurbished and sold two years ago,

    the walker will be a keeper though...
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    That's a nice shop, is that at your home or the office?? I would love to build a 3 car garage out back, but I don't have enough room out back, we built back and all the property is out front and to the sides.
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    Not sure on the length, maybe 12', but it is 75" across on the floor, just enough for a 72" mower to fit on it.

    Thank you, it is my shop at home. 30'x60'. We bought our place at a sheriff sale. 5 acres with a 2040sqft. home and the shop.

    This pic was taken before we bought the place, yard was pretty overgrown.
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    That'll work Marc! Better than a nice start.
  10. MarcSmith

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    well its just paint at this point... the engine is out I'm going freshen it up a bit (only 45# of compression)... light hone and some rings...

    hour meter shows 7000 hours...





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