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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Capemay Eagle, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Capemay Eagle

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    Very good looking ride. Best of luck with it. I have never demoed a Ferris since I don't know where a dealer is. The closest one I knew of was in Delaware which is not far, but I would have to take a ferry to get there, just a PITA. I did however see one the other day, it was the second one I have ever seen in this area, so there may be a dealer around here now.

  2. sduncan000

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    It has been said on this site many times, "Buy the Dealer"!
    I completely agree.
    Thankfully, I have the dealer about 7 miles from my house and since I have a trailer that can handle my machine, I have the perfect situation!

    I just mowed a 2 acre (guess) field behind our church which was taking them about 3-5 hours on the rider they have. I wanted to play a little more as well as get the field ready for a picnic tomorrow. It was complete joy! I finished in just about 1 hour, but it could have been sooner except I had never mowed there before and wasn't sure of the lay of the land. Also, I had to zig zag through the pavilion tent already set up for the festivities. It was a blast! I cannot say enough about my Ferris! Except perhaps "Thank you God!" :)

    :usflag:My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who lost loved ones on this day 9 years ago! :usflag:
  3. Capemay Eagle

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  4. Capemay Eagle

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    Acorn problems? Here is a link that a poster by the screen name "RDA" posted. It is a nut harvester and looks to work well. Looks to pick up all kinds of nuts and acorns.

  5. Capemay Eagle

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    A member by the name of Kenny C bought a Husqvarna MZ6128ZT ZTR! Here are a couple links below for another homeowner/LCO interested in this model.


    http://www.husqvarna.com/us/homeowner/products/zero-turn- mowers/mz6128zt/

  6. parrotfeathers

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    I enjoy reviewing all the photos of peoples' stuff. Below is my dusty ZTR with the 60" cutting deck. In 1974 hubby bought this Case tractor that still runs great. We bought the John Deere in 1995 and it is shown with the side mower attached. The red implement is a 12' pasture clipper with 3 blades. And the 1987 Yamaha Terra Pro waiting for a carburetor adjustment--it looks a little sad right now but is still a great piece of equipment. It has over 1,000 miles on it. Next post will be the old cub cadet my Dad used until he died at age 100.

    When you have a farm there is so much stuff.





  7. parrotfeathers

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    My Dad's old Cub Cadet model 2185--still runs great. He quit mowing at age 99 and died at 100--so keep on mowing.


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    That's So COOL! :cool2:
  9. rwreuter

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    Here is my new ZTR.

    2010 Hustler Fastrak SD 60.jpg
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  10. Capemay Eagle

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    Thanks for posting guys and great equipment!!, lot of cool stuff there parotfeathers. That is also a great story about your dad cutting a 99, I hope I am still cutting at that age, sorry for your loss. That is also a nice SD Hustler reuter, got yourself a great mower, I am jealous, I would love to have a 60" deck, just to many obstacles.

    I created this thread to help those searching for homeowner equipment, most of us have come here seeking advice on a purchase and it is nice to pay the favor back. Gives people a first hand look and some ideas on equipment guys and gals are using on the homefront. If anyone has anything to add, post up some pictures and a little info on the product and hopefully it helps someone down the road. Thanks again.
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