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    I called Briggs and they said that pushing the throttle to 'choke' each time for starting (including a warm engine) is normal. Normal with any Briggs with the integrated throttle/choke. Just passing this along. If there is anybody with a Briggs with the same throttle/choke setup that can start their warm engine without pushing the throttle to 'choke', I'd like to hear about it please. Thanks.

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    I need to get these cleaned up and put up for the winter but here are photos of my equipment. I maintain 5 acres (approx 3.5 acres of bermuda).

    The John Deere is a 1981 model 111. Handed down from my father-in-law in 2004. I repowered it with a new 12 HP engine in 2007. I use it to rough cut a wooded area once or twice a year and to pull my fertilizer spreader, sprayer and garden cart.

    Purchased the chipper in 2009. It was used and a couple of years old. It had been well maintained and garage kept.

    Bought the 2004 Dixie Chopper new in 2004 (currently has 206 hours).

    John Deere & Chipper small.jpg

    Chipper A small.jpg

    Dixie Chopper B small.jpg
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    Ok, you asked for it. Here's my/our stuff. Pardon the watermarks on some of the photos. Photography is a hobby of mine and I tend to watermark most any photos I upload to my site. You'd be surprised at how many people try to steal your photos. For the tractor stuff, my father-in-law usually funds all those purchases because I use those things to mostly maintain his land. I've got about 3 acres and he's got about 18 acres next to me. So I mow the field, help pull dead trees to the burn pile, cut down dead trees or other unwanted trees, etc. I also mow some of his grass with my eXmark.

    Here's the stuff...

    2004 John Deere 4120 2.4 liter 4 cylinder turbo diesel...love it! 4x4 as well. Here's the tractor and a few of our implements. We've also got a Wallenstein wood chipper (BX42 I think).



    This is something I bought for myself after getting frustrated with crappy consumer grade mowers. I need to get done mowing as quick as possible because I don't have time to waste. This really did the trick and it'll last me many years. Most of what I buy is funded by my side work (phone/data wiring). We don't like debt.


    This is a father-in-law purchase (I normally don't have much need for a chainsaw).

    Stihl MS270 chain saw.


    This is one of my babies. Stihl BR600 Magnum - bought this fall. I never knew what I was missing!


    A few more of my babies. Stihl FS110 and Stihl FS90R trimmers.



    FS90R on left, FS110 on right. Can't tell them apart other than the one has the bike handle and the other doesn't.

    My in-law's grandpa (lives next to us) has a 1950's Ford tractor. It's been very reliable for him. He's on it all the time.


    And finally, my 2004 F-150 Lariat 4x4. Love it....but would love to get a new truck in a few years. I hate to think about spending the money though.

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    where in knoxville you located
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    Great stuff LOG!!! Thanks for the detailed pics. Love the old Ford tractor.
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    I was just laughing at the Stihl BR600 in the house on the hardwood floors :laugh:
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    Kinda reminds me of the movie Mr. Mom.... That blower keeps the floors clean!!! :laugh:
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    It doesn't stay there now, of course ;-) It was shiny and new (and clean)...so why not? :laugh:
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    Yeah I know, it was just funny.

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