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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Capemay Eagle, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. RJGiants75

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    My budget is 3k and it is only about 3/4-1 acre. The 21" Toro 20092 is just taking too long to do(esp with trimming,blowing,etc).

    I'm going to the dealer this weekend to check out the Toro ZTR again. He does deal with other companies mentioned so I'll be sure to ask about the Hustler Sport & MZ Bad Boy. Those look like nice machines as well.

    BTW, the yard is pretty flat. No big hills or anything.
  2. Capemay Eagle

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    I think when and if you demo a MZ, you will notice that it is a well built machine and you will notice and feel that it is a more commercially built than the Timecutter! If you can swing a few more dollars, you can equip the MZ with a Kawasaki FR engine. It is new ooption for 2011 and could be worth the money, but IMO the Briggs Professional engines are just fine for what your doing!
  3. Popeye77

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    from Texas
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    I think you oughta put the mower back in the ruts and then take a pic. Just ruts doesn't give us a true picture.:)

    How many agree? ;);)
  4. Skidpad

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    ^^^^ This. :laugh:
  5. ce750jockey

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    You guys might get your wish. It's so damn wet and muddy here that any attempt to mow the lawn is gonna trigger horrific memories, and foster a new round of incriminating photos. :clapping:
  6. matt42

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    so this is going to sound like overkill but i'm going to ask anyway...
    first mower purchase

    1/2 acre residential lawn a few landscaping things but nothing crazy yet.

    I've looked at Hustler XEON, Simplicity zt4000 26/48, scag freedom Z with briggs 26 and 52 deck, simplicity zt2000 (entry level one). and the basic simplicty tractor (cheap one)

    I drove a friends badboy 60" but liked the simplicity's better.

    so while it may be overkill to spend in the 5000 to 6000 range for a zero turn, the pricier ones seem much better built than the $3000 ones.

    The seat on the scag was like a lazy boy.
  7. ce750jockey

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    I think you're right on, here. I don't think there's any question that a Hustler or a Scag is better than my $3000 Toro. But at just 1/2 an acre, like me, do you REALLY need the additional capability? With the additional $2-3,000, you could buy yourself a great string trimmer, a great blower, make cutting your grass a piece of cake, and STILL have money left over.
  8. Darryl G

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    It seems that I never see mention of the Bob-Cat FastCat RZ. It's basically their commercial mower with a Briggs engine, smaller wheel motors (10 cc) and I think a different seat and maybe a few other subtle differences. I've never used one but even some of the pros around here are running them and I mean good sized well established companies. Bob-Cats are pretty popular where I am and they give a very nice cut. Worth checking out if you have a dealer near you.

  9. saw n mow

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    Good post. But to each their own. If someone has the money to spend on a more expensive machine for a smaller property, we'll help them spend it. :)

  10. matt42

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    Well the way it was explained to me by the dealer was that...

    the transmission in the $3000 ZTR had a lab expected lifespan of 200 hours, so in about 7 to 10 years, I'd be in with a busted transmission. then he said because the value of the machine and the cost of the part, I'd likely be buying a new machine. But with the $5500 or so machines, the transmissions are designed to last longer - the simplicty zt4000 has a 2 pump system, no gears, which he said should last 2000 hours - or longer than i'll be alive to mow with it.

    I figured maintenance on them is going to be about the same, annual oil change, filters, grease points, belt checks, etc. The shop will do an annual maintenance on the machines for 129 and include winter storage. SO my thought was that if I was going to spend 129 / yr on maintenance might as well get the bigger toy.

    Otherwise I could get the $3000 one and use it till i have issues with it, and drive around going man I wish I got the one that felt bad ass. but yes they are all overkill.

    The Xeon i tested because it is electric and i thought I should check out that root, but it was still loud and felt very clunky.

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