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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Capemay Eagle, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Might as well give them a little tune-up if you have the time, It couldn't hurt!!
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    Isn't that the truth! I had planned to get everything winterized and never had a chance. I went from the last cut just before christmas to spring tune up! I had planned to be ahead of the game this season. That went right out the window once the temps hit 70 sand stayed put. I just got my yard aerated and dimension down last week. If the rain holds this weekend I'm going to spray for weeds in the yard and also algae/weeds in my pond! Crazy :dizzy:
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    It was 60 here all December! I remember one day we took the ferry over to Delaware around the middle of December and we sat out on the upper decks in t shirts, that is pretty good considering the seabreeze. My equipment probably like most guys went into January with cleaning leaves and such. Like you, I never did a thing. The 2 strokes have stabilizer in it anyway, so no big deal to sit two months. With the mowers I just shut the fuel off and ran em till they ran dry. I use Startron in the mower fuel, so I just filled the tanks.

    I use my crapsman tractor in the fall and early spring for debris cleanups, so now I gotta break that down for the summer, time to whip the Z out. I'm telling you, we need to goto a 34 hour day. I mean so what if the sun is out at night a couple days a week :laugh:
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    Amen brother! :)

  5. shawtd

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    Well, I did my part and read all 28 pages of this thread. Thank you all for the great info. I now understand a bit about what to look for in a mower, that I need to consider my dealer heavily, and I learned about some new brands I had not heard of before. So again thank you.

    Now for my question, I have a 2 acre lot with no trees just a house and the drive way. It is nearly flat. I want to be able to mow in no more than an hour. What size deck should I be looking at to cut that in an hour? Having never cut grass this size, I have no idea how fast I'll be able to mow. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    I think some of that will be determined by how smooth your lawn is. I spend approximately 2-3 hrs maintaining just under 3 acres with my 48TTHP. But, I have hills & trees and for me it's not a race anyway as I enjoy working on the lawn. I might be able to cut it close to an hour if I didn't mind losing a filling or two. I would look at a 48 - 52 comparing the price difference of the two.
  7. Banksy

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    I'm starting to look for a new or new to me tractor or ZTR. So many choices and so much junk out there too. I don't want a Lowes "John Deere" type mower unless I can practically steal it. Until then I have to suffer with my 21", hard starting, one wheel drive Troybuilt POS.
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    Hello Pros!

    I've been searching around for a commercial mower for my home use (9 acres mixed weed/lawn grass) and I have been trying to decide between the Dixie Chopper Magnum 2760 or the Gravely Pro-Turn 160. I only plan on doing 4 to 5 acres with it, some of the rest needs to be brush mowed with tractor because of a gully. Most of my area is flat with the exception of the ditch by the road.

    My observations so far:

    Dixie Chopper : Looks and Feels tough, 27HP brigs engine should be powerful enough. The controls feel a bit clunky though. The foot pedal for raising/lowering deck is a little odd to get used to as you have to push towards the bottom to get it to lock the deck up. The throttle lever is kind of in an odd position as it's right near the right side motion lever. And lastly the motion levers (sorry for lack of proper terms) seems a bit funky to get into the neutral position. The Dixie supposedly uses a standard size belt which makes it nice.

    Gravely : The control layout and maneuverability feel better on this machine (more out of an assembly line anyways) and the deck is spring assisted which makes it easier to raise and lower. I also like that it comes standard with a suspension seat (Dixie model I'm looking at does not). This one has the 26hp Kawasaki engine on it. I've read the Gravely needs custom size belts, but I have no idea on parts other than that.

    I believe the Dixie has a 10 gauge deck and the Gravely has a 7 gauge deck. I also believe they have comparable mowing speeds. From what I have read the Dixie does a better cut. Supposedly the Dixie eats more belts than the Gravely due to higher RPM mowing, but the belt can be easier to get.

    They both seem like incredible machines and it's been a tough choice for me.

    I was wondering if anyone else has any knowledge they can share between the two choices.

    My choices came down to these 2 mowers because of dealer availability and financing price.

    Thanks for any input.
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    If you have good dealer service for the gravely then belts shouldnt be an issue
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  10. Capemay Eagle

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    Here is a video of the 260 in action!!!

    Honestly, these are both tough and well respected machines and would serve you well for many years. It will come down to what dealer you feel better dealing with and what machine feels right and the better price would factor in also.

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