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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Capemay Eagle, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Capemay Eagle

    Capemay Eagle LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Hey Neighbor! Nice SD! Did you get that out at Webers?
  2. cableguy657

    cableguy657 LawnSite Member
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    Yes i was at Webers today Neighbor! And they followed me home with it on the roll back.

    Mowing grass was fun today, even on a hour sleep.:sleeping:

    the best part is that I havent ran anything over yet getting used to a zero turn!

    got to do some adjusting on the bars, to make it more comfortable, and get the tracking right, its off a little.

    I want to thankyou and every one else here. A big part of my descision to buy it was from surfing here.
  3. eatonpcat

    eatonpcat LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Nice Mower Cableguy!
  4. cableguy657

    cableguy657 LawnSite Member
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    learned something yesterday, watch out for low hanging limbs. ducking under the limbs doesnt do much good when you have the rops up there still.
    at least i only have to worry about it in one section of the yard.

    MS_SURVEYOR LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I bet that was an eye opener! Duck and watch the sky coming down!
  6. cableguy657

    cableguy657 LawnSite Member
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    yea i wont do that again!
    so now my new delema, what to sell my 2007 Husqvarna yth-2454 with 300 hrs for? got it at Tractor Supply August 07. It has a Briggs Els motor.
    It doesnt need anything.
    Got one person that may be interested in it that has $500 to spend.
    Should i be able to get $600 or more for it? New these are going for $2000.

    Could make a racing mower out of it!:drinkup:
  7. JLinder

    JLinder LawnSite Member
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    I have a fairly steep yard to mow, a little over 1/2 right now but that will be increasing as I start to tame some of the overgrown areas. Eventually I'll be mowing about an acre.


    I have mowed with a 42" box store rider and it does ok but the rider did struggle with the slope. I have also mowed in the past with a JD gx345 (54"), the larger tractor handled the slope better but the deck is too wide for my uneven yard.

    The yard is also rough from years of moles not being kept under control before we got here. Eventually I'll fix that but for now I have to live with it. Living in the PNW I need a mower that can cut wet, heavy grass. I don't bag.

    Suggestions? smaller ZTR, rider or commercial walk behind? I don't really have a budget in mind and I plan to buy whatever works best for the job.

    EDIT: Either new or used I would prefer to have a dealer close if possible. I have JD, Hustler and Cub Cadet nearby, everyone else is 2 hr. away.
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  8. Lawn Yawn

    Lawn Yawn LawnSite Member
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    I've been lurking for a few weeks now. We purchased a property on 3 acres. It's approximately 1.3 acres smooth lawn and 1.7 acres less-than-smooth field grass/weeds (which I would like eventually to make smoother and less weedy). There are not many obstacles to contend with, and it is quite flat. I have done some internet research (including lurking around lawnsite), and I've visited and called a few dealers in town. I've narrowed my choices down to three ZTR mowers in my 5k price range.

    1) Hustler FasTrak 48" Kawi FS 22hp. $5100 (2011 model, last one in stock, new)
    2) Gravely ZT HD 52 Kawi FR 24hp. $4999 (might be able to get the dealer to come down from that price a bit)
    3) Bad Boy ZT 50 w/ Kawi FR 24hp. $5299 (haven't yet attempted to bargain with this guy yet, dealer is further away)

    I am a mower rookie. My current yard in inner city Portland is concrete. No grass at all. So I would appreciate some help. Here are a couple things I am concerned about:

    1) Ease of Maintenance. I am not mechanically inclined. I have never changed oil . . . on anything at all, but I would like to learn how to do some simple maintenance (oil changes and whatnot) on my new investment. I do not, however, want to have to do anything complicated.
    2) Durability. I would like this machine to last a long time. 5K for a lawn mower seems very expensive, and it is freaking me out a little bit! For this reason, the 4-year warranty on the Hustler seems most impressive, and conversely, the 2-year warranty on the Bad Boy is a little concerning. (Gravely has a nice 3-year warranty).

    I had the Hustler salesman hold the FasTrak 48 for me, and I'm going to look at it tomorrow. But I would appreciate some direction from the mower experts. I am especially torn between the Gravely and the Hustler. So I would like some insight on how those two mowers compare.
  9. Ellibri

    Ellibri LawnSite Member
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    First off, thanks to all for this amazingly helpful site.
    I have 1.5 acres, no major slopes, few trees.
    I am looking at a John Deere x324 used, under 50 hours;
    I am also looking at a Scag Tiger Cub, 19 hp Kawasaki, 450 hours.
    Both 48" decks, both the same price...
    There is a fire pit at the back of the property, I may need to haul wood/burn pile.
    What is the better choice for the long haul? I am hoping to stay here for as long as possible.
  10. Lawn Yawn

    Lawn Yawn LawnSite Member
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    I would post your same question as a new thread rather than post it on the end of this thread. I don't think anyone pays attention to this thread. (I know from experience. That's my post right above yours... The one with no answer.) Anyway, if you start a new thread, you're likely to get a quicker answer from the lawn experts, and I am not a lawn expert.

    By the way, I had a dilemma very similar to your own. Three acres, flat, few trees. I decided to go with the zero turn based on the assumption that it will save me an hour or two each weekend.

    A few years down the line, if I want the capabilities of a tractor, I'm going to look for a used sub-compact tractor, rather than a garden tractor. I want one with a scoop (I let my wife in on this plan and she said, "What the hell are you going to scoop?" To which I answered, "Whatever needs scooping. I'll find something.")

    As for now, I need to mow, and mowing's what a ZTR does best. (I do plan on pulling a cart from time to time, but not much more).


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