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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Capemay Eagle, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Remember we like pictures.
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    Ok here we go I just got a nice place with 1 acre lawn thats a bit rough we have the red clay on NC here and the dummy that built the house didn't take the TLC to get the lawn established quickly and there are a lot of washed low spots and the clover has taken over as well as other junk. I plan to spend allot of my spare time nursing it back to health and having a lush lawn. Therefore I am in the market for my ztm and am really tempted to over kill it. My buddie came by with a ever ride warrior and I agree with him that even if we never put but like 25 hrs a season tops it will last a lifetime. I am looking at ferris is3100, toro z master 6k, hustler x-one or husky pz series. going either kawi or diesel There is a demo PZ6029D nearby for $12200. Is that a deal? Also interested in a kubota zd323 as that dealer is closest to me and my bud has connections there. I notice that the toros and kubotas are impossible to price without calling. I know this is way too much mower for only an acre to mow but who cares I would rather spend the money upfront then buy 4 consumer mowers to junk after 300 hrs a piece.
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    As always do you have a one-acre lawn or lot. You mentioned about 25 hours a season so I am assuming it's the latter. Even if you are mowing one-acre of grass all of those mowers would be way over kill. Fine if you want to spend the money but you are buying equipment that is far more than you need. In the Ferris line an IS500Z would easily handle your mowing needs at less than half of what you are looking to spend. If you want a Kawi engine the IS1500Z will give you that option with better pumps and the frame from the 500Z. The IS3100Z is a great mower but at the hours you are putting on it you will never realize the extra durability and capability of the machine IMO. Best luck and have fun in your search.
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    It is a full acre lawn and I own 4.1 so I'm looking to clear additional acrerage over time. To buy above the 3400 transaxle means at least an is2000 right? Honestly I'm almost sold on either a toro 6000 series z master w Kawi 801 or the identicle husky 6029 I can go through sle equipment and get either around 8k
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    Nobody likes overkill more than me, but honestly you really don't need to spend that much to get a mower that will last a life time especially for an acre. The Hustler SuperDuty 54" would be good enough for an acre aswell as four acres. The Ferris 1500z would also be another good choice. I also like the Z master, one of the best out there.

    A way to break it down would be if you used a mower for 50hrs a season, that is 500 hours and that would be 10 years and both the mowers I just listed would easily be rated for 1000 hours. Just something to think about. I would spend no more than 6K for what you got! Also, in 10 years, there will be new technology and I am sure you would want something new by then.
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    Now that's funny!! :drinkup:
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    Sorry Capemay........but I'm the reigning king of overkill......and I'm not even ashamed.......lol
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    I'm a homeowner building a new home on 1 acre and wanting to buy a ZT. I am trying to stay within 3,000.00 and the more I research ZT, the more confused I get.
    I'm told by a manger of HD that the Toro is a great ZT, then told by someone else that MTD actually manufactures the Toros sold at HD.

    I need some advise on getting the best bang for the buck.

    Thanks for helping.

  9. antv20

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    Do yourself a favor and go to a Toro dealer or another major dealer. Skip HD. I made the mistake of buying from a big box the first time, now I am looking to buy another mower. Might suggest spending a little more the first time as it will pay off in the long run.

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    Good Advice! I was at HD this past weekend. I've never seen so many plastic parts on mowers in my life. Then pot metal parts. A flash to my vision was Murry! Then is was, 3 years? Maybe 5? Naw! 3 years if lucky! My Sabre is in it's 13th year still mowing. They'll have to fight who gets my Bad Boy when my day comes and goes. I'm praying that's 20 years from now. I'll take 15! I've been thinking about that JD X310 series someone just bought here. I could be happy with it. That's a lot of mower and more for the price.

    Buy higher than you think you want to spend. Because (1) 10 year+ mower is cheaper than (3) or (4) 3 year mowers.



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