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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Capemay Eagle, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Whippit96

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    Thanks Green! So far it cut my time on my front and side yard by 40 minutes and it left a beautiful cut on my weeds....errrr I mean on my yard.

    So far I'm loving the cheetah, it really does make the badboy seem like a kids toy. Granted the badboy was a heavy duty home owner model and the Cheetah is a commercial unit, it only costs 5 grand more and its night and day.
  2. frofan

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    I've scoured all over trying to find a comparison or recommendations and couldn't come up with what I was looking for. I'm in the market for a ZTR. I only mow just over an acre, but plan on purchasing a new house and hopefully more land within the next 4 years. The ferris dealer is right down the street, which is very convenient.

    They have a left over 500 with the 44" deck and briggs motor. They are asking $4400 for it. They also have a 600 with the 48" ICD deck and a briggs motor. They are asking $5200 for it. Is the 600 worth the extra $800? Is ICD vs non ICD a huge difference?
  3. shiplemw

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    I pulled the trigger on a floor model 2012 MX6128 with zero hours. They dropped it off today and I mowed with it. This thing is sweet, it took me 2.2 hrs to mow everything but my hill near the road. I was able to get much closer to most of my trees so I've probably eliminated 30-40 minutes of trimming. I had not mowed for ~8 days and the grass was pretty tall. Typically my tractor would have bogged down in some of the thicker stuff because it has a hard time discharging the clippings from the deck. I slowed it down a bit on the really thick stuff but this new mower was really throwing it, didn't bog down and the cut is nice. I need to get more comfortable with these sticks though.
  4. Brules

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    Yes, worth every penny. In addition with the 600 you get ZT3400 transaxles instead of pump/wheel motors that have a lot more service issues/potential leak points.

    ICD deck is very well regarded in the industry. One of my favorite things about Ferris is how they don't play the "swap the deck" game and put cheaper decks on their lower homeowner units like Scag and others do. The ICD on the $5200 mower is the same as the one on the $10k mower.
  5. shiplemw

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    Pictures after the first mowing:
  6. 1Sharkey

    1Sharkey LawnSite Member
    from STL
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    Sounds like you have cut your time in half. The Compact tractor is not a high effiency machine, but they sure are versitale.

    Enjoy your extra free time.
  7. saw n mow

    saw n mow LawnSite Senior Member
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    That'll come quickly. Before you know it, it'll become second nature.

  8. jrozycki

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    Have 1/2 acre lot. Minus house, beds, driveway, etc... I think I have about 12-14k sqft to mow. I have a John Deer Gx85 30 inch. Takes about 45 minutes. Would like to upgrade to a ZTR 30-34 inch. It needs to be stored in a 10x10 shed with door opening of 4.5 ft. With my 30 inch in the shed I have room to move around, so even though door is wide enough for a large machine, the larger machine is over kill for my size yard.
    I'd rather do ZTR over a stander too since my knees are a little bad.

    I'd like to bag leaves in the fall and possibly in the spring (to catch weed seeds) but then use a mulch kit for most mows.

    I have an agi fab multi link?? core aerator and detacher that I'd still like to tow.

    I am looking at these machines and would like advice on which machine.
    Toro TimeCutter SS3200 (32") 16HP Zero Turn Lawn Mower
    Husqvarna RZ3016 (30") 16.5HP Zero Turn Lawn Mower
    Snapper SC18533 (33") 18.5HP Zero Turn Mower

    These are the only few I could find in my desired width.
  9. greenology

    greenology LawnSite Senior Member
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    Dixon also but they are owned by husq. Would be interested to see if there's any other choices. The time cutter width is 35" overall as opposed the husq 35.5. Yet the time cutter is 2" wider cut. That's going on specs website I'm yet to measure for myself. I'd be interested to see wat else might be available.
  10. jrozycki

    jrozycki LawnSite Member
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    I just looked at the Dixon Speed ZTR30 and the specs are identical to the Husqvuarna 30".

    The pictures of each machine are also identical right down to the where the rear valve stem is rotated to (8 o'clock) and the angle of the front tires. Its as if they took a picture and photoshoped the various colors and logos on each machine.

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