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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Capemay Eagle, Apr 1, 2011.

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    I have a max $4k budget to purchase a rider to mow just under 1 acre currently. However, my family has a habit for upgrading properties often and a dream to eventually have more acreage (though I would hope to never mow more than 1,2 acres tops). I would like to get a machine that errs on the side of more than what I need at the moment to avoid upgrading in the future. Our current property isn't what I would consider hilly, though isn't absolutely flat either and there are a decent amount of beds/obstacles to mow around. i currently accomplish this with a home depot sort of walk behind and it takes me 3+ hrs to get done.

    So my question is, ZTR's are obviously king, but I get the impression that statement is more often spoken with commercial ZTRs in mind opposed to their smaller cousins. knowing my budget won't allow getting into a commercial category, I'm wondering are upper end residential ZTRs still worthwhile over similar components in a tractor form factor... am I buying into the ZTR hype? since I'm only mowing 1 lawn at a pretty modest size, speed wise, either is a win over my current setup. And I know my current situation is not hilly enough to be that worried too much about traction with even the weakest/lightest ZTR. A ZTR would give me the best maneuverability and fastest mowing times with the least amount of trimming. But a garden tractor would give me a smoother ride?, more traction, utility (options that interest me are towing a small yard trailer, plugging/aerating, or possibly snow plowing) and probably more versatility with the unknown properties to come (such as if it was significantly more hilly/wooded).

    Currently, I'm considering a Toro MX5060 ZTR and contrasting that against something like a Husky GT52XLS tractor. I think I'm leaning more towards the Toro MX5060 but I'm a guy who usually prefers versatility over speed and i'm having a hard time telling myself to let go even though I do think the ZTR is probably the way to go here.

    What to you think? does that mantra of "go ZTR and you'll never go back" still hold up generally speaking in the residential/homeowner category? or does it a specific lawn to use a residential ZTR as effective as the big boy commercial guys do? And therefor, is the traditional garden tractor form factor better if you can't spring for the heavier and more powerful commercial ZTRs?

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    A zero turn radius mower was originally made to turn within the width of it's own mowing deck. In other word's, it could get to the end of a row and turn around without making that big loop that yard tractor's make. That was the main point of those machine's. Now they have become more of a "must have" even though they really aren't a necessity in most case's. Unless you are mowing in tight space's you probably don't need one, and you do pay more for those thing's. You need a rider though, that make's mowing in August much more tolerable.

    Do you know what kind of grass you mow? This make's a big difference in how hard your mower work's. What height are you mowing at? Do you want that manicured look or do you just want to cut the grass once a week and be done with it? The answer's to these question's can easily make a $1000 worth of difference. Good luck.
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    Hi I'm new here and need some advise on a ztr for 5.5 ac, the terrain is all grass and flat. What kind of mower would y'all recommend and how long would it take. Thanks in advance.
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    I have a 2003 Exmark 48" w/15hp Kawasaki. The model is MHP4815KAC, serial number 394840. I have nearly two acres of yard. It is not level and has many dips and holes. After I hit a hole, something on the mower goes out of adjustment and the mower no longer pulls. I take it to the shop and they charge like $60 to correct the adjustment. I really feel that the adjustment is nothing major and I hate having to bring it to the shop for a minor adjustment. It keeps the mower from pulling itself and sometimes won't turn without being forced. Any idea what the adjustment is?

    This mower makes a pretty cut but does not like ditches, uneven or unlevel ground or holes!
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  5. Capemay Eagle

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    That's a sharp mower right there. If I ever go back to a Z, this is what I will get.
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    Kinda late reply but it sounds like the neutral/tow rod is moving out of position. There should be a rod/lever for each trans that you move to allow the mower to be moved with the engine off. Either it is missing a spring and/or the rod has an indentation to hold it and is bouncing out of the groove and moving. You usually have to lift the seat to see it.
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    I think this is a walk behind, no? Otherwise, if I have similar problems with my mower I will be checking those rod/levers!

  8. terceslil

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    It is a walkbehind.
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    In the spring of 2013 I replaced my old Hustler with a new one. It had belt problems the very first time I used it . In fact, it has never worked like my old one did. The dealer told me we were having a very wet spring and things would get better. The dealer told me not to mow when the moisture content was high so I mowed on my lunch break at noon rather than in the evening when it was cool. The dealer told me I was letting the grass get too tall so I mowed on a lower setting. The dealer told me I needed to mow more often so I mowed twice a week. The dealer told me I should have started mowing earlier in the season. By September it was hopeless and I hired someone to bushhog the front yard.
    In March 2014 I started mowing for the season. I mowed at the hottest part of the day. I mowed on the highest setting and three days later I went over it on a lower setting. I only ran the mower for an hour a day. I spoke kindly to the mower…
    :help:In May it started having belt problems. So, if the mower doesn’t work in the spring when the grass is full of moisture and growing and it doesn’t work in the summer when the grass is dry but tall, what the heck good is it for?
    My patience with my new Hustler and with everyone who tells me I need to mow the grass is about gone. I guess I have to buy another mower. Any suggestions on a brand?
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    What mower is this?

    I would also say you're dealer is a fricking idiot
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