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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Capemay Eagle, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. BeeJL

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    I would also say you're dealer is a fricking idiot

    My thoughts as well.
    It's a Fastrak. The first one I had would mow through anything and I had it for about 10 years and had more to mow than I do now. I was going to buy the the commercial model this time but the dealer told me the transmission was the same and I didn't need it. (The transmission went in the old mower.)
  2. whiffyspark

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    Make a post in the hustler forum. The rep is on here he checks in during the week
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  3. dcfas

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    Sounds strange to me. I would check out the set up on your deck: blades in good shape? Have the dealer check the tip speed. Either the blades are messed up somehow or tip speed is down for some reason, I'm guessing. That mower should absolutely be good to go. Heck, I'm mulching with a Timecutter MX which is less machine and it mows grass into dust.
  4. BeeJL

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    It's been this way since the first day I tried to mow. I have mentioned to the dealer that perhaps there is a problem with this specific mower and he keeps giving me excuses. Unfortunately he is the only dealer in the area. I don't think he will many more machines because I have a dog grooming salon on my property and everyone who comes here and who has told me to mow the grass has heard how much money I spent on my new Hustler that doesn't work.

    I'll post something on the Hustler site.
  5. whiffyspark

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    Go to the lawnsite home page and scroll down. They are a sponsor here. The reps name is hustlermidwest
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  6. clydebusa

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    72" mower or bigger
  7. dcfas

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    SAE 40, SAE 30, SAE 10W-30/SAE 10W-40, or SAE 5W-20

    The above options are listed in the manual. Which do you recommend and what brand? Mower will be used in temps ranging from about 50* to 90*' April through November. Little to no towing; mulcher until fall, then bagger for leaves.

    Home owner unit (1 acre per week).

    Thanks in advance.

  8. RandyJ266

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    King of sounds like me with my Raptor SD. I was "cutting too low and too fast". I sent it into the shop and when it melted a belt on the highest setting in their front yard, they decided to look at it and admitted a problem. I tried an x one and a JD 930 yesterday and I think I've made my decision.
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  9. morethanjake

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    Hello everyone! I'm looking to get my feet wet in the commercial mower world and would like to start off with a good used walk behind. It will be homeowner use on a flat .5 acre lot (not including home and shed) with a few basic obstacles and mostly st. augustine grass.

    My absolute max budget would be $3,000 but I would like to stay around $2,000 or less, if possible. I've kept an eye on craigslist and ebay over the past month and haven't come across much but this unit popped up near Austin which is about a 2 hour drive from me:


    It's a 36" SCAG ULTIMATE belt-drive with velkie for $1,900 and looks to be in great shape. Brand new these units run in the $3,250 range so factoring the cost of a velkie and tax, this used unit could net a savings of over 50%. Am I on the right track here?

    My only reservation is the belt-drive system but from what I can tell, the drawbacks are greatly decreased since I mow in dry conditions and don't have too many obstacles.

    I like the thought of commercial because of the maintainability of the machines and it also leaves me the flexibility to use the machine for more heavy duty applications like helping my folks with their 3 acre lot and maybe even picking up a few lawns around the neighborhood if I ever feel so inclined.

    I'll be ready to purchase within the next couple of weeks and am willing to wait as long as needed to find the right deal. I have yet to hit up the local specialty shops who don't advertise inventory online because I like to know exactly what I'm looking for before I walk into a place so I can pull the trigger on the spot if the right machine pops up.

    Thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated!

    TL;DR: Help me spend up to $3,000 on a mower for my flat 1/2 acre lot in south Texas with mostly st. augustine grass and few obstacles.
  10. stonny9

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    I would keep looking did a quick search and only saw 3 in your area on CL search CL using commercial mower, walk-behind, walkbehind, velky, etc. You want to save money but you arent taking into account the 2 hr drive. Now is the time to buy as most people sell during winter. Do a search everyday and if you see something then go look before it is gone. Remember even if it is like new and still under warranty the warranty may not transfer to you so take that into the price consideration.

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