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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Capemay Eagle, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. tdipaul

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    Of the aforementioned, only the Deere has a stamped deck. The MX, HD and Titan Toro's have fab decks.

    Another option is the Timecutter HD which sits in between the Titan and the MX series, price-wise. It has the 3100 hydros

    I haven't mulched with any so cant comment on that.

    Regarding hydros the higher the number, the heavier the duty

    3100 > 2800 > 2200 >2100
  2. KX5

    KX5 LawnSite Member
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    Thank you - does the JD 535M or 540M have the 3100 Hydros?
  3. KX5

    KX5 LawnSite Member
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    What are average life of bearings? Any brand noted to last longer than others?

    How easy is it to change the blades? (I saw one model where you can 'jack' up the mower with a metal bar accessory - does JD, Toro, Kubota etc have this option?) I want ot be able to do this maintenance.

    Radiators - Which stay the cleanest on it's own and which mowers are easiest to clean?

    Rubber wheels on the deck? How long of a life do these usually have and do they wear out quickly? Any brand better than others in this regard?

    Edging towards a JD 535m or 540m right now but not committed.

    Thanks again for your input!
  4. Aggienaut

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    Need advice on making my final decision on a ZTR. I have been reading several posts on this forum over the past several weeks and I am now down to two ZTRs: Exmark Radius X-Series (52") and the JD Z915E (48"). Through some good incentives they are both coming in around $7400 (includes taxes). I mow about 5 acres - half lawn, half horse pasture. My hope is to sell my brush hog and mow both the lawn and the pasture with my new ZTR. Hence, I need something that can take the bumps of a horse pasture. I'm leaning toward the Exmark - think I'm getting more mower for the same price.

    Would appreciate any feedback.
  5. tdipaul

    tdipaul LawnSite Member
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    With this being the residential forum and both models being full commercial units (ie nice) there might not be many replies.

    The suspension seat on the exmark sounds like a great feature to have
  6. tdipaul

    tdipaul LawnSite Member
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    The Toro Titan has a jack mount on the frame but you might need their special jack too. Any ZTr can be jacked up front and put on ramps. The blades are usually held on with just a bolt, like a 21" push mower.

    All models in this bracket are air cooled so they dont have radiators.

    Deck wheels are usually hard plastic and last forever as long as they are not smashed against rocks/stumps

    I suggest sitting on the machines of interest to see how they fit you. Some are tighter and lower than others (the Scag Liberty Z for example). Want to avoid those if you're a big guy.
  7. Klawson

    Klawson LawnSite Member
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    Both are great machines, but with 5 acres I'd be hesitant to buy a 48" unless there is a specific reason. Also depending on how rough the pasture, a ZTR may not be the best tool for it. There is only so much rough terrain that they can mask. I'd see if you can demo either of them on your lot prior to making the decision to see how they do in the pasture.
  8. KX5

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    I am going to check out a JD z540M today. While I liked the feel of the Kubota 125S I rode the other day, the reviews I found were horrendous and has me shying away.
    I am wondering if it is overkill to be looking at a z540m and z540r for 2.2 acres. I like the larger tire in the 540r and heavier deck vs the 540m (9 vs 11 guage I think) but about 1K more. This dealer also has a 535r that I will look at today. Hopefully start refining my choices today.
  9. Maxweenus

    Maxweenus LawnSite Member
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    ZTR question for the mechanically competent (I'm not)

    I have a res level Gravely but need to upgrade.
    2 Acres, in CT.
    I'm looking at the Scag Freedom vs the Snapper Pro X125XT.
    Both around $5k.

    Scag dealer says his machines are the cats meow (which i know Scag are top quality)

    Snapper dealer says that the Snapper is a true commercial machine and better than the residential scags in every way except name.

    Differences (he claims) include the Kawasaki engines on the res Scags are not the same as the real Kawisaki Engines, better trans-axles, faster blade speed, faster machine.

    Aside from the name, is all of this accurate?

    Further- I'm quite confident they are both more than enough for my needs, but in terms of resale and longevity- which holds better, the Scag name? or the true commercial Snapper?

  10. Klawson

    Klawson LawnSite Member
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    I would go for the R over the M. I think the deck alone is worth the cost, but it also has other features that make it a better mower. The R deck mimics the 7 iron which is one of the best on the market.

    As far as overkill. I have the exact same amount of property. I have 15-20 trees and a pond to mow around, but it still takes me a little over an hour to do it all. I'm glad I opted for a 61 in ztr.

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