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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Capemay Eagle, Apr 1, 2011.

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    I’ve been looking at a Gravely ZT HD and Cub Z Force L. I realize the Gravely is heavier duty and probably just a better machine but it may be overkill for my needs. I’m retired and do about 12 lawns. A couple are fairly large, the rest single and double size lots. I’m leaning towards the Z Force because of lower price and it would seem to meet my needs. I have a newer Cub Tractor with bagger also so I wouldn’t be left without a mower if one needs service. This dealer also sells Toro but I’m leary of the Chinese built engines. He’s a good dealer who takes care of people, that’s why I’ve limited my choices to what he sells. Would I be making a mistake going with the Z Force or are they decent mowers? My tractor seems to have been a good choice so far but I don’t abuse my equipment and am a stickler about doing maintenance. Thanks for any opinions.
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    I purchase 42SWP22 from Walmart. Cost was ~$190 which included delivery. Assembly was a little challenging as the instructions were not great. The last two figures (Repair Parts diagrams) were helpful.
    I used it today and it worked great. First I blew the clippings into rows so I was able to sweep them up using a high brush height.
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    Hello, first post here. Moving to Saskatoon soon and on to a 5 acre property with about 4.5 mowable acres. The land looks pretty even and flat with a septic mound as the only real hill out in the back.

    It appears as though there's a JD, Kubota and Ferris dealer all in the same area(the exmark site linked me to a dealer who looks to sell ferris and husqvarna, so not sure if they carry exmarks). The most research I've done is into the Kubota brand, specifically the zg227 with a 60" deck, it looks like a solid mower and the salesman seemed pretty confident the transmission is bullet proof. I'm looking for a reliable mower with a good cut, and I wouldn't mind mowing the land quickly. Good choice or is there another model/brand at that price point I should be considering?

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    Look look at a JD 915. Great value in a true commercial mower and the 7 iron deck gets top reviews.
  5. OP
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    I was looking at the JD’s today. Those new tires are pretty cool. If I had the yard, I would be getting a commercial JD for sure.
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  7. Jasone.Smith

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    Hi all. I’m new to the forum. Im looking for opinions on an equipment purchase but first of all I would to thank everyone here that posts. There is quite the stash of valuable info here that has helped me greatly already.

    I have just purchased a new home and I have about 5 acre yard to mow. The yard is not flat. Around 4 acres is 12deg or less, around 3/4 acre is 12-18 deg, and 1/4 acre is 18 up to maybe 30 deg. I have a low area that seems to stay wet and soft but we are in winter so that may dry up some later.

    I am looking for a commercial grade zero turn to do this job. My priorities in a machine are as follows:

    Top: Able to handle slopes well. (I know 30 deg is getting above the safe range of ztr. This is only a small area though and I can weed eat it or push mow if necessary but I would like to get as much as possible with the ztr.)
    2nd: I work a lot and don’t want to spend all Saturday mowing. I would like to be able to mow in about an hour and a half so I could mow one evening a week.
    3rd: Reliability. This will not be a small investment for me so I hope to get to use this mower for many trouble free years.

    Lower priorities are quality of cut(we live rural and I don’t expect perfection) cost (I would rather overbuy than underbuy in this case), and having a local dealership (I can do maintenance and some repairs and don’t really expect to need a lot of dealer service since this will be used residentialy).

    I have Scag, Kubota, JD local dealers. There is also Hustler, Exmark, and Ferris dealers here but they are small and don’t keep stock so it would be a sight unseen purchase from them.

    I understand it will take a high end mower to do what I am asking. Right now I am leaning toward the Kubota 700 mostly because they seem the most stable on hills without sacrificing the other things.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

  8. EricC

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    I wouldn't dream of putting a ZTR on a 30 degree slope. I'm looking right now for a slope on a potential lot I've mowed before, we're looking to purchase it. Long story short, it's 17 degrees or 31% slope and that's not feeling great on my mower. Slow and probably doable, but I'm definitely looking for something better. I only have a lighter RaptorSD from Hustler, so a heavier mower would help keep traction, but I wouldn't want to do much more than that on one. I did it on a regular garden tractor cross ways before, and while I didn't have to point my nose uphill to keep it going across, I had to lean on the seat so much it cut the mower it often times LOL.

    It can be mowed, the owners now have a commercial, heavy JD ZTR he usually goes up and down on. I can do up and down, easy and safe run off at the bottom so no danger there if going straight down. But 30 degrees is quite a slope. I can't imagine any ZTR being remotely controllable or safe on that.

    For the rest, i've mowed with a Kubota diesel. About 10 acres for a friend at his place. He did squat to take care of that mower, sat out pretty much all the time, never cleaned, just added fuel and started it year after year. It was a dependable beast. I have no experience with their gas mowers.
  9. Jasone.Smith

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    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll prob be weed eating that section. Its only a small area anyway. Like 20’x20’. Im more worried about the rest thats 20 deg and less. I do have a big area thats around that 17 deg you said. The good thing is the bottom of the hill is just flat yard so if it lets go there is nothing that I have to avoid.
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    This is old, but I added one to my Ferris seat. While the Ferris has full suspension, the insert made a big improvement. You can buy them from here or on amazon.


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