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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Capemay Eagle, Apr 1, 2011.

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    I am overwhelmed at all the mower options. I have 5 acres of hilly grash to cut, it is formerly a pasture the grass is decent but not golf course quality (yet!). I have talked to a few dealers and are going to more soon. Right now what I like best is a grasshopper 328 G4. It has a 810cc vanguard and chevron tires. It looks to be a wellbuilt mower but not really any suspension. I know I am only mowing one property so I don't need all day comfort. Any one have any thoughts on this mower? I don't see much chatter about Grasshoppers...
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    I am a homeowner and have about 1 acre of grass. I’ve narrowed down my choices to the 42” Exmark Quest and the new 42” Toro timecutter 75744. I know that Toro owns Exmark. Either way, both mowers have the same engine, warranty, 10 gauge fabricated deck, tires, hydros, etc.
    I can’t decide between the two. My dealer sells both brands, so I’ve have looked at both mowers sitting side by side. The Exmark is $100 more. The Toro looks like a nicer mower. Nicer seat, and other cosmetic things. Honestly, if the Quest didn’t have Exmark decals on it, I’m not sure if it would even be a difficult decision. Is there anything I should consider between the two? I don’t want to get the Exmark just because of the brand name, which is kind of where I’m at. But I don’t want to overlook anything that I haven’t considered or knew about the Exmark either.
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    I believe my dealer told me their the same mower. The exmark will have a higher resale value because of the name. You can't go wrong with either mower.
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    I don't know either mower specs, but both look fine. Get the one you want to ride :) I wouldn't consider re-sale value really. You're going to cut your grass with it for quite a number of years before you're likely going to be looking at upgrading and by then it's not going to be worth much anyway. At least the value of either 8-10 years from now is going to be the same so get what you think is the better ride of the engine and build seems similar.
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    I've had bad luck with breaking the frame on Craftsman mowers for the past 13 years. They have always replaced it under warranty, but this time I am out of warranty and am looking for a robust mower that can handle 3 acres of lawn with steep hills and bumpy terrain. I'm sure that's what did the Craftsman mowers in - the rough terrain. There are a lot of flat areas too (over 2 of the acres are on flat terrain). I'm pretty open to any ideas and can manage a budget up to $7000 or so if needed. Like everything else, I'd rather spend less, but I want a mower that won't break on me after 3 years. I'm really at a loss at what I should be looking at. I've been told that the zero turns aren't so great on slopes, but I've never used one either and I see guys around here mowing steep slopes with them all the time. I am guessing that the slopes I am mowing are 30 degrees, possibly higher in some areas, but they aren't long slopes - 20 feet max.
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    I ended up going with the Exmark over the Toro. The dealer took off $100 off of the Exmark making it the exact same price. Honestly, I wished I would have went with the Toro. I’m kicking myself now. The Toro was a nicer mower. I guess I went with name recognition. Don’t get me wrong. The Exmark is a great mower, but for a homeowner like me, the Toro has more features and just looks like a nicer mower. I guarantee you if you took random people who aren’t brand familiar with either and parked both mowers side by side, I bet you they would all say the Toro was the more premium mower.
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    I think a zero turn would suit you fine. I'd check out ferris or john deere with tweels. If you like the idea of a stand on mower, go check out the wright stander B or Bradley mowers. I don't know what kind of dealers you have near you....
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    Hello, I've never used a ZTR or riding mower so I don't have any experience to know what I should buy for this yard. I want a ZTR, but is it best for this yard? I'm asking because of the slopes. I figured the steepest one around the back of the pool (where you see the fence on left and brush on right) I would use a push mower. But are the other slopes fine for a ZTR? Is getting between the deck and pool fine on a ZTR? Or am I better off getting a regular riding mower?

    Also, I've been looking at ZTR's in the $3000 range.

    IMG_20200408_113044760_HDR.jpg IMG_20200408_113122986_HDR.jpg IMG_20200408_113200968.jpg IMG_20200408_151250469_HDR.jpg
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    Looks to me, you could easily get a ztr on atleast two out of the three hills. I'd look at the toro my ride 50in. The price is 3800.....
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  10. hdtvluvr

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    I agree. A ZTR would easily work on that property. The slope behind the pool doesn't look bad either.
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