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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by dahammer, Sep 11, 2005.

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    dahammer, my bro-in-law has owned the same TT for at least 6-7 years, and to my knowledge, has never had an issue with the drive shaft, nor with the PTO drive belt. Admittedly, he isn't using it commercially, but like yourself, wanted/needed a well-built, heavy machine to mow 3-5 acres (he somtimes mows other relatives grass) every 3-7 days, depending upon season.

    I borrowed it maybe two years ago to mow my own 3 acres when my old Ransomes 3 wheeler's engine died. All I can say is it was a beast! The cut was exceptional - at least as good as with my mower - and the speed and maneuverability were fantastic. I did think that the ride was a little worse, but that simply may have been due to the increased mowing speed, and probably could be better with a suspension seat. I couldn't talk the CFO into letting me get one tho', so I had to settle for repowering the ole Bob-Cat. Maybe next time...
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    If you have access to a dealer, you might take a look at Hustler ZTRs. I just recently bought a Mini Z, which is their smallest commercial quality machine.

    Sounds like you would probably need the Super Z or Mini Super Z with your acreage; you can get several deck/engine combos.

    I LOVE the way mine cuts and handles - I have driven a Super Z and it's even better. Customer service at the company level is the best I have ever encountered, bar NONE. It helps that I have a super local dealer, too.
    For what it's worth, he has sold hustler this summer and last, selling over 25 ZTRs and more walk-behinds and has yet to have a out-of-service breakdown on any of them.
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    Yeah, I do intend to look at the Hustlers before I make a final decision. The problem with them is that the only dealer in the area is 40 miles away and it's a CO-OP/Feed store vs a full service shop. So given that I'm not sure what my options would be if something went wrong while it's under warranty. Of course the co-op could have a shop, but I doubt it. However, there is a Land Pride dealer close by and I've read they are identical to the Hustlers. Even made for Land Pride by Hustler, so I've read. But I checked there the other day and they are a new company and their inventory hasn't arrived yet.

    I'm not in any hurry though Winter is just around the corner and I want to take my time and get the best mower for the task.
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    I've been looking at Z's for the past two years so I can give the 2001 15.5hp/42 craftsman a break. Finally going to break down and buy one next spring. My choice, Hustler Super Z, Kohler 28hp EFI with 60" deck at $8800.

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