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    I found this site searching for a chat site on moles. I am not a business man, and have no company. Just am interested in hearing how everyone handles getting rid of moles in their yards. There are dozens a methods and I am just interested to see which ones of them work, for the most people.:usflag::usflag:

    If this is a site just for business purposes, let me know and I will not post any further.
  2. Mike Leary

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    I forgot what the question was, I thought it was Paul Simon posting.
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    Try posting in this thread because they have pest control topics.
    Organic Lawn Care
    Around my house Cats usauly get rid of them, after they sport there kill on my back patio for a few days first :rolleyes:

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    Also, do a search on this site, the subject of moles has been discussed many times.
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    410 shotgun?
  7. Marcos

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    Talpirid works well.

    But there ARE certain traps that do very well, too.

    The second one listed on this Victor site is my personal favorite; the "Out O' Sight" trap.


    It says on the site it's best for sandy soil...but I've been using them for years here in SW Ohio clay with great success.

    You just got to learn to "think like a mole" :laugh: when you set them; in that you're placing them in the most predictable, and comparatively straight-shooting mole "runs" that they tend to use over and over again as their "traveling" runs.....as opposed to their zig-zagging "feeding runs" that more often than not get used only ONCE.
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    I was thinking .22 their a lil quieter

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