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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by pantherfan, Nov 29, 2007.

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    hello all.... new mwmber here...

    i am looking for opinions on how to contact a property management company that runs the HOA of a neighborhood to try and gain their business. I am sure they operate on a bid system and figured now would be the best time seeing as though it is the end of the year..
    what is a good way to get my foot in the door and try and get this contract?

    and BTW... does it hurt or help that i live in the neighborhood.... it would be a great contract... didn't know if that would qualify as conflict of interest or not...

    thanks ya'll
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    Its only a great contract if you can make money on it.

    Some HOAs can be a pain in the neck and some can be pretty good. A property management company can go either way as well. Usually, they will be very tight with the ourse strings when it is not specialty work. Mowing and routine maintenance is almost always awarded to the lowest qualified bidder. Qualified means different things to different people.

    If you are looking to bid on work that can only be done by limited few, you might not be under the burden of tight purse strings as it is not any particular person's money. It is pretty easy to say "what the heck if you are only paying a small percentage of it rather than the whole bill.

    In general, I think these are better for designers and not so good for maintenance contractors. Some HOAs like bigger companies because they are not on site as much (same man hours with more guys = more days without scapers all over the place).
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    Because HOA require more hands on the bigger companies are having problems holding them in our area. Obviously if you live in the area you know what they pay for mowing so it helps in bidding. The big companies automatically increase prices each year even when the HOA is unhappy with service.....sales guys don't get feedback from maintenance guys apparently.,
  4. flascaper

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    I have one development thru Sentry Management and did such a good job with that one they are giving me another development. I only landscape but I can tell you that keeping friendly and comunicative with the president of the HOA is essential. I did the entrance design and put a playground in. The work must me perfect and the president must be happy. Most of the time they have meetings and the pres is the only one who can kill you or make you more money elsewhere with the Managemant Co. that operates the development. The management Co. goes by what the HOA says. The main problem I had was that Sentry Mgt. is they may FORGET to file your estimate intime for when you need to get paid. For Installs I want all my material costs up front before I start and if they screw that up then its 2 weeks to wait till the next period of checks. The good thing is that they ended up paying for each job I did in Full before i started. Now its great and next week I will walk the grounds with the Management manager if you will and land a new development. One other thing is they like to spend more near the years end so when they get the budget for next year the are appropriated the same monies previous so it was great since i could bid them higher and they liked it!

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