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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by bcg, Jul 26, 2010.

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    Dear Homeowner/DIYer,

    Thanks for visiting this professional Irrigation forum. Before you post a message asking for help, please understand that this forum is meant primarily for professional irrigators, and those ancillary to this business. These professionals are dedicated to continued education in order to better their skills and the industry as a whole. Their knowledge took many years to obtain and is constantly growing through daily experience in the field and by networking with other professionals, both in this forum and in other aspects of their daily activities.

    We certainly understand your desire to gain tips and pointers in installing, designing or troubleshooting your system but don’t be surprised if the responses you receive fall short of your needs or expectations. Most of our forum members would much prefer that you employ the skills of a reputable, knowledgeable and, where applicable, licensed professional to assist you who will be able to look at your system as a whole and take all the necessary factors into consideration when diagnosing your problem or suggesting other improvements. We believe that you will be much better served and receive a more complete solution in this manner than you will by trying to solve your problem on your own with the limited tools, knowledge and resources at your disposal.

    Again, we certainly respect your desire to do it yourself but we simply ask that you also respect our desire to better the irrigation industry as performed by qualified contractors who wish to conserve our precious resources in a manner that will allow landscape irrigation to continue into the future.
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