Homeowners paying the "stupid tax"

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Meezer, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Meezer

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    I got this RFQ thru my website from a homeowner that hired a fly by & is now going to pay the "stupid tax":

    I am in need of some repair to my patio and retaining walls. Here is a description. I am looking for a quote soon for start in April or Early May. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Things that need done"

    1) Fire pit. One of the retaining walls has collapsed and needs to be rebuilt. I believe the foundation needs to be properly done first.

    2) The steps leading to the fire pit need repaired. The soil\gravel from the top of the stairs has washed out and the stone around the stairs is collapsing. This need repaired.

    3) The stone on the inside of the large retaining walls (closest to the pool) are sinking. I believe some of the patio stone needs to be pulled out and some more dirt and gravel added and compacted to level out the patio in those areas.

    4) Umbrellas in the retaining walls need to be reset. The soil compacted around them and they are unstable.

    I would like to have an estimate on each of these aspects. I may not do it all. I have them in the order of priority.

  2. LB1234

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    are you even going to take a look?

    Sounds like they want 'repaired' not 'rebuilt'
  3. DVS Hardscaper

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    you're going to want to charge them $40 for the estimate/consultation, which is refundable if they sign a contract with you.

    Also, if you haven't talked to them on the phone yet, when you do you may want to find a diplomatic way to give them a heads up that usually these things must be REBUILT, not repaired. This way they have time to mentally prepare for the worse.
  4. Bru75

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    I agree. Seems like this guy hired somebody cheap and has not learned his lesson. He'll have to understand that his priorities may not be realistic.
    Don't you love it when somebody calls you and has the "solution" already figured out? He already has his mind made up about what to do to fix it and if you suggest different, may not be likely to listen.
    He did hit on one peice of brilliance "I believe the foundation needs to be properly done first". Yeah, you think?
  5. Meezer

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    Yes, I will defintely be charging them for the estimate/consultation.
  6. Mid-Ohio Scaper

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    Hell, I'd charge more than $40 for estimate. Maybe more like $250 and still make it refundable with a signed contract to do this obvious rebuild.

    I'm dealing with the same kind of dumba**, only this guy lives in a gated community and has a million dollar home.
    To redo his drive and add the things he wants to add he's looking at about 50, 60 grand. I'll have to get some pics to share the "craftsmanship" that's already been done. UNREAL! This idiot homeowner seems like he continually bends over and grabs his ankles to save a buck. Plus my supplier has already dealt with him and his other contractors before so I have a little background on him. So I'm gonna lay it out for him, $1000 for plans/estimate refundable when I complete the work. If I'm to expensive on my estimate, so be it. He paid his $1000, he owns the plans, find some other idiot to cut corners.
  7. Meezer

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    I believe he had other contractors come out & these are part of their solutions, not the HO's. IMHO, I think he's just price shopping again.:laugh:
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