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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kris, May 18, 2001.

  1. kris

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    Homer ... I like your style!! I too always stop and talk with other guys and am willing to help out.... I really admire some of the one man operations out there.... As far as some of them not having insurance etc I really couldn't care less..that's there business not mine...Allot of the jobs I have , I have to prove that I have workman's comp coverage and liability insurance so I know that closes the door to some. I am always on the lookout for a good guy that might like a bit of work that I am not interested in doing...
    I am a true believer that what comes around goes around... Sure good guys get burned once and a while but more often then not ..your good deed will come back tenfold....Keep smiling...good luck in 2001
  2. Eric ELM

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    I have stopped and helped out new guys more than once. When I got done mowing for the week, I heard a mower running down the street and it was looping badly and they seemed to be puzzled on how to fix it. We got in the truck and drove down there and I got out with my carb screw driver in my hand and asked if he would like me to adjust his carberator. We have become good friends. :)

    I have given out lots of advice to guys and many accounts that I did not need. I agree with Kris on this one. I was raised on a farm and we always helped other farmers out when they were in need of help.

    Try it, you may make a new friend or friends.
  3. swn

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    IF only the whole world could be this way. It sure is nice to hear and read such nice things. Seems like most people are way too busy to lend someone else a hand. I have had a lot of people help me out before, so everytime I get a chance I try to help someone.
  4. lawnboy82

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    i try to do this as well. i have friends who have businesses, they are my age. i will get people asking me to do work that either is out of my coverage area, or is something that i have no idea as to how to do. i only give the work to them if it is in their area or their scope of business. and you wanna know something? they turn it down. 1 kid is just getting out of college. i got 2 irrigation jobs each worth over 10K and he doesnt want either of em. i got another guy who is a bit older than me. only by a year i think. and i have referred lawns to him. he turns them down because he is a bit funny in the head. i got other people who i ask to help me out with things. (sub contract) and sometimes they can help, other times not. that doesnt bother me so much as the refusals go.
  5. joshua

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    this week a new guy stopped and started to talk to me and my crew, very nice guy currently he''s running 2 riders (crapsman , and another company) he was wondering if i knew anyone that had a w/b for sale and i do so i gave him directions to my house (thinking he wouldn't even come) and tonight after test driving my friends truck around the drive i get back and he's at my house and wants to buy my 1st w/b. the mowers in great shape nothing ever wrong with it, 48" 15hp metro from exmark. i'm gunna give him the bag, mulch kit, and a few sets of blades. he's a very nice guy. he said he'll stop down this week to buy the mower off me. and i told him anytime he wants to come down and b/s he's more than welcome toif i'm home.
  6. jeffyr

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    I was approached by a guy last year--who walked up, introduced himself, and said "I'll give you $800 for that w/b". I laughed it off. He was totally obnoxious. He cuts a place right next to one of mine....and its obvious where the property line is by the greener grass and straight lines on my side (scrub a dub dub). He told me he drives about 20 minutes each way for this lawn ($30 max). This year he has 3 guys with him--so that's 4 guys, 1 pickup, 1 mower , 1 trimmer, and i backpack. You tell me how this guy makes money on this job. not to mention 1 guy is standing around looking busy the whole time. So I see them pull up as I am unloading last week and I see the guy point in my direction and they all start laughing. Well, 30 minutes later I was loading back up (working solo) and driving away and the 4 of them still were blowing dust clouds around. He wasn't laughing then.
    I guess I got off track, but this thread reminded me of talking to another in the field. Sometimes you just gotta wonder.

  7. LJ lawn

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    i think it's a good idea to try to talk to and work with other lawn co's in your area.i attempt whenever possible to talk to my competition.i ask them if they have any customers in my area that they don't want to do for whatever reason (too far,too big etc).sometimes it works out.most times it doesn't because of GREED.but what the heck, it's worth the try right? over the past 2 years i've had a few so-called friends sell their biz without even a mention of it at all.these were the same people who a year before said "no problem,if i get any customers in your area you can have 'em".that's ok i got a few of their old customers anyway because the new co. did a crappy job.
  8. Kevin

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    I ve been trying to make friends with other lco's also. Waved at all I see, was going to talk to one Nature Lawn or Natural Lawn something or other but he was too busy I guess. Was going to ask if he was or needed to be PA pesticide licensed because I didnt see his BU number on vehicle. Was honestly going to point in the right direction www.pested.psu.edu oh well maybe next time. Most other lco's either smile or laugh or wave at each other. Try being nice to others this week, it feels good!
  9. HOMER

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    Well now.................It makes me all fuzzy inside to see people actually wanting to stop and make conversation or help someone out. I haven't had the opportunity lately but I'm always on the lookout.
  10. turfguy

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    When I have a major breakdown or am realy in a jam I can always call one or two other lco in my area. My good friend Rob even gave me five good accounts to get me started several years ago. We have mutual respect for each other and try not to step on any toes when we quote jobs. I still remember the time I was trying to change a trailer tire at 8pm on a busy road another lco I had only seen around town stoped and lent me his bottle jack. Then he stayed around with his headlights on so I wouldnt get killed. nice guy and we are still friends

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