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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Jul 31, 2003.

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    the saga continues.....moderator, if anyone objects to the word homey, please just delete that word, but leave the thread, thank you. ok, im at a customers house cutting, and the neighbor comes over, "great job over here, can u evaluate mine?" im like sure. i suggest this and that, he wants weekly cutting, i start right then and there.i tell him he will get his paperwork(contract) in the mail, he needs to send it in right away. no problem he says. well, i cut twice. never recieved the signed contract. i call, he says im soo sorry, i left it on my desk at work, ill get it to you. month comes to an end, still nothing. i send the bill, requesting payment and signed contract. nothing. i stop service. he calls, "why is my neighbor cut, and not me?" im like, i need my $ plus the contract. he says ill leave it for you taped to the mailbox, the contract, plus the check, fine. i go over, i see the envelope on the mailbox, i pill it off, throw it in the truck, and cut the lawn. about an hour later while driving i open the envelope, get this. THERE IS NOTHING IN IT! just a piece of paper saying he didnt understand the dates i billed him for! sneaky little %$$$#. so, today i go over, flames comming out of my ears, i want my money! will u continue service if i give u a check? nope, pay up! but i want continued service, nope! pay up! we go back and fourth, i tell him ok, ill cut right now, pay me for the bill i sent you, he says ok. he writes a check, and the dates it is for(not today, this is for past due). i take the check, tell him to kiss my azz, get in the truck and drive away. he calls, says come back and cut the lawn, or im putting a stop on the check. question: if he puts a stop on the check, is he in trouble? he himself wrote the dates on the check that it was for, it is for the month of june, and one in early july. i have a bill that i sent certified to match the dates that he wrote on the check. if he stops payment, what do i do?he obviously thought he would string me along by witholding monies owed, but i wasnt gonna let it happen.
  2. redbull

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    In this state a stopped check is just like stealing. HAMMER his a**, than round-up his yard!
  3. The Lawn Boy Pro

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    Well, you could have asked for cash, THEN peeled out of his driveway:D

    BTW, go head and mow again, then apply pesticides (a mix of Roundup and salt :D :p )
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    Why would the idiott stop payment when it cost him $30-$50? Just pay your bill and move on (talking about customer). Both of you obviously aren't gonna be able to work with one another after being in a heated debate.
  5. Gravely_Man

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    I hope you have already taken the check to his bank and cashed it the day it was written or at worst the day he told you he was going to stop payment.

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    If he puts a stop-payment on the check, you can take it to court and get paid...no doubt the judge would rule in your favor...my policy for new clients is we don't do ANYTHING until we get a check first...after that, payment after competed work is fine...with that policy, most of the time you'll weed out the dead-beats...
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    I'd cash that check as soon as possible! If it is not good, I'd have him in court tomorrow! I can't believe he called back after you told him to kiss your #$%.
  8. bob

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    You should have cashed the check first, then told him off. Or tell him that he must pay in advance.
  9. maple city

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    I would take the check to HIS bank to cash it. This way, if he doesn't have sufficient funds in his account to cover it, you'll know right away, and not have a hassle at your bank.

    I would get to the bank ASAP.

    I would drop this guy like a bad habit until you get paid.

    Another more sinister idea...

    Maybe he would enjoy a 2" cut on his lawn...clippings everywhere...his grass would probably die, then he wouldn't demand your services as much. I know, bad idea, bad business practice, but a good thought anyway.
  10. rodfather

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    In NJ, that is called Theft of Services...I know for a fact.

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