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honda 215 and 214

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I just bought a honda 215 with a leaky carb (the main bowl seal) My question is, are the honda 214 and 215 carb gaskets the same??? I have an old 214 which is toast.
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IT is leaking in a stationary position (not mowing) how hard is it to fix a needle/seat leak, and how much will it cost. The guy who had it before replaced the main bowl seal and gave me a baggy full of gaskets its part number for the baggy is 16010-zeo-025
Hey man thanks for the advice, however today i went to mow a lawn and could not get the mower to run (was not getting fuel). I ended up taking it to a dealer (just because i hear honda carbs are extra picky)... Any ways thanks for the help
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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