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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Bigfish8, Apr 18, 2012.

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    My mom has a Hustler Super Mini Z 52" that is approximately 8 years old, 565 hours on the meter, with a 24 HP Honda Engine. The engine has developed an intermittent problem described to me by mom and my brother-in-law as missing. They tell me the mower loses power as if it is running on one cylinder. Typically this problem will occur after running 1 to 3 hours. After it cools off it operates fine.

    I have run the heck out of the mower several times for 3 plus hours and have never experienced the "missing problem." I have taken it to a Hustler Dealer and to a Gravely Dealer and they have checked everything and cannot duplicate the problem (I believe them because I can't either).

    Recently I talked to another Hustler Dealer and he told me it sounds like a bad coil. He said Honda's in this vintage experienced the problem I described. The fix is new coils and a new diode harness. Both of the dealers I had work on the mower told me they could put new parts on the mower but hated to do so not knowing the new parts would resolve the problem.

    Intermittent problems are the worse especially since I can't experience the problem (unfortunately, mom does & I live 135 miles away). If I could experience the described problem I would remove a plug wire to determine which side is causing the problem. This would definitely support the coil, dioide harness replacement.

    Advice and/or comments would be appreciated.
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    You're headed the right direction. Had the same engine on my Super Z and went through 3 coils in 1000 hrs. The part # supersedes so I think it's been up dated maybe more than once. I have never done a diode harness. Maybe they're just safeguarding themselves or know more than I do. I would run it till it happens and pull the wires one at a time to determine which one it is. It will get worse and eventually the coil will quit altogether. They aren't terribly hard to replace esp. once you've been there. You just need to know the air gap and have a feeler gauge to position them. I would recommend periodically removing the upper shroud periodically to blow out dirt and debris that plugs the fins. This is a known problem. The spaces are tight or small enough to catch clippings and block air flow which leads to overheating and failed head gaskets. Good luck.

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