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Honda 48" WB

Mark Lawncare

LawnSite Member
MA, South Shore
I have a honda 48" WB hydraulic and was wondering if anyone had any experiance adjusting the stering on this machine. any other generel info about it could help also. There doesn't seem to be much info around about the larger honda models. I do have a manual but when I do what it says the stering still comes out of adjustment.


LawnSite Member
Wildwood Mo
I had the same problem on one my boss has. I disconnected the safety wire by the oil filter and took it out to the street. It helps if you have a velky of some sort. Set the speed so it is fast enough to tell a difference but slow enough to control quickly. get the needed wrenches to adjust the length of the control rods. I just let the mower go and either lengthened or shortened the control rod on the side that was tracking too fast or too slow. Hope that helps...don't forget to reconnect the safety if it still works!


LawnSite Member
lift rear of mower with jack. put jackstands under mower to support the drive wheels off of the ground. start the engine. set the controls in neutral and adjust the control rods until both wheels are stationary when machine is in neutral. Unit should track straight when removed from jackstands.