Honda Civic Winter Rig... 35MPG check it out

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Oasis360, Nov 18, 2011.

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    Well the problem I have with my Ranger is that it won't handle a large load very well (over 1200lbs), and there isn't all that much room for larger yard debris (cut branches, twigs, bramble) in the bed. What I want is a truck that I can have 7-8 yards of bark mulch loaded into one trip, also the ability to drive around all day doing my yard cleanups and not have to unload the debris until the end of the day. :cry:
    I've seen trucks like these at the local auto auction for around a grand; they are essentially a single cab dually flatbed (8 ft x 10 ft) with 6-8 foot sides & a gate attached to the 'debris' area. It's like a dump truck without the dumping mechanism. I can't afford a dump truck, with cash or credit, so creative loading / unloading in a truck like I mentioned above seems to be the ticket to greater productivity. I can settle for 10-12 MPG if I know I can do jobs all day and not have to unload... I figure I could get away with 8,000-10,000 lbs loads every once in a while too :weightlifter:
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    I just replaced my f250 gas, 10-12 mogs was when it was empty. Trailer or weight in the back and it would drop to the 8-9 range
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    What about a Diesel F250 (either the 6.9 or 7.3 international, not turbo powerstroke) with the bed ripped off and a custom made 8x10 box with 6foot sides on it? I really want to ability to haul massive amounts of debris (not heavy material), and deliver bark mulch, soil, and gravel to clients. There are a lot of diesels for sale at auction in the 800-1200 range and I am starting with my own dollar without financing.

    I am eventually going to be purchasing a used dump truck for my long term career plans of owning a T190 bobcat and doing demolition / excavation work. I figure the non dumper style debris-box truck would be great for breaking into this niche, without having to finance or incur debt.
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    Several year ago I posted a thred about my pink tercel. I still have it and still use it for my estamate vehicle.

    When I had my business in So California in the late 80s early 90s I regurally saw a feller with a SMALL HONDA towing a small trailer, he showed up in the neighbooorhood the same time I was there every week so Im guessing he was successful. Not all of us have 60K new ford f450s deisels, and not all of us are deeply in debt.
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    A small trailer for my Civic would be enough to specialize in all aspects of pressure washing & fence/deck weatherization. I have experience as a painter and gained skills pressure washing houses, concrete, and wooden decks when I painted for a living a few years back.

    I don't want to buy a huge pressure washing trailer and do this as a long term career, by any means. I just want to get into a niche and operate as efficiently as possible funneling almost all revenue back into my long term business goal. The Civic is rated to tow 1000lbs and it does have a brake upgrade (integra 9.5" rear disc brakes and 10.5" front discs all cross drilled & slotted)...

    I want to make a ladder rack on my 8 foot trailer so it can hold a few decent sized ladders, allowing me to get up to second story roof lines allowing me to clean gutters out, wash roofs, pressure wash siding, and access some nearby overhanging limbs of trees with my pole saw.

    I know that my methods are against the grain, and I probably shouldn't use the civic to operate a legitimate business out of - but like I said, it's Winter and I can funnel almost all of my revenue back into the business to direct it into what I want to do for a living... That is buying a cheap diesel truck from auction and converting it to an 8x10 dump box truck (without dumper) so that I can deal more in brush clearing, rototilling, & land reclamation for lawns, gardens, ect... Eventually I want to own a T190 bobcat and a real dump truck specializing in demolition, excavation, and heavy brush removal. The idea is to get their without incurring debt efficiently and effectively...

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