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Honda Cmmercial Walk behinds

Lawn-N-Garden Guy

LawnSite Senior Member
Martinsburg, Pa.
I was out getting a price today on a couple Hondas,It was the 5.5 hp Hydro w/bladebreak,Bags,Mulches and side discharges Model HRC216K1HXA,Price quoted was $1000.00 each,Could I get some input on these mowers


LawnSite Senior Member
Oly Wa
We have 4 216's from 6 to 10 years old. Rear baggers and mulching kits (don't mulch much though), no side discharge. I like them lots. Very little break downs. The 10 year old still starts on the first pull. The only negative things are I don't like the way they mulch, leaves way to many clumps, well not really clumps but just too messy. Double cutting eliminates this but heck you have to mow twice. You get a good looking checkerboard or diamond cut so that's not always a bad thing.
And when you are dealing with leaves, forget it, that's when they really leave clumps. I think they do cut and bag great though. Another thing I can think of, and of coarse this is if you keep them for years, is the metal where the recoil bolts down to the cover breaks down over time and you have to replace the cover or do some minor fabrication to fix this. All and all, great machines, I love them.


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Work horses, but they don't side discharge particularly well.


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I have a 216, the mower is built very well, starts very easly and the hydro transmission works great.
I mulch with it 80% of the time, at first I used the stock single blade then I got the mulch kit (second blade and deck plug) and now that mower really mulches.

I had reservations about paying that much for a 21" mow but now I am very happy that I did.

Yes, I would buy another when I need to.

Four Seasons Lawn Care


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My only complaint about the mower is in the drive system for the wheels. I do not particularly care for how the system is either engaged or disengaged - there is no smooth transition. It is like removing the clutch from your car and jamming it into gear when you want to go and ripping it out when you want to stop. Other mowers, particularly the toro, have a smooth system just as you would have in a car with a nice clutch.
This is important to me especially when making turns and when mowing around tight obstacles. With the toro i am able to do it with easy, but with the Honda the wheels are spinning and the mower is jerking go, stop, go, stop, go, stop - just to try and make a tight turn.

This is even true with the hydrostatic transmission despite when you may think. The squeeze bar for ground control is not directly linked to the hydro transmission but rather a gear box that links or isolates the hydro from the engine.


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Southfield, MI
Take a look at the Snapper 21"s, I think you'll be glad you did. Much cheaper also.


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I don't think you can go wrong with the honda Hrc216hxa with the 5.5hp.
Very nicely built, with the mulch kit on you can bag so much more, packs it in there tight. Use the high lift blades and it will suck a gopher out of its hole.
I wouldn't take our word for it, I would go and try the toro, lawn boy, exmark, snapper and honda and see for youself.


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Fort Worth TX.
I have a 216. Very good mower only complaint the weight ( steel deck). Just bought a proline with the 6.5 kawasaki engine. its more powerful bags and mulches better then the honda. hope this helps!


LawnSite Senior Member
Vancouver, WA
Originally posted by ZaK18
I have a 216. Very good mower only complaint the weight ( steel deck). Just bought a proline with the 6.5 kawasaki engine. its more powerful bags and mulches better then the honda. hope this helps!
My very first mower was the 21" Honda hydro. Built like a tank and weighs as much. Only thing I ever had to do to it was replace the drive spindle and rear drive wheels. It was a simple and relatively inexpensive repair. Sold the mower after about 4 seasons but I think the kid that bought it from me uses it to this day.

It is a great mower and still consider buying one again accept for the weight factor. Turning it is laborious and using it on wet/soggy lawns can be a problem as the weight contributes to rutting. Also, as described in another post, the lack of a smooth transition between the drive being either engaged or disengaged can cause the tires to spin, tearing the turf.