Honda Com. 21" mulch kit

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ULTIMATE LAWN, Dec 6, 2002.


    from AL
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    I need another 21" mower for mulching only.

    How well does the HRC216 with the twin blade mulch kit work? Does it chop leaves up as finely as standard double blades?

    Also is there any reason you could not substitute the top or bottom blade or both blades with a Honda Gator blade(s)?

  2. bluemoon

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    I have been around 3 Honda's, good mowers, great ergonomics, worked hard and still running. However, my Toro 21" commercial w/ Suzuki 2stroke will mow circles around the Honda. It is to the walk behind mowers, what the Walker GHS is to the commercial riders. I am a die hard Honda fan, but their mowers don't even rate a rating.
    Buy a Toro.
  3. siclmn

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    I bought the mulch kit a few years ago and it was garbage. The mower would clog up at the slightest hint of moisture. Then I bought a cheap homeowner honda mulcher that had a deck designed for mulching and a single blade. It worked like a charm but it was so lightweight and cheap that I wanted better. Then I bought the toro 2 cycle and that is all that I use now. My Honda has dust on it and all I do is mulch everything.
  4. Ryan Lightning

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    The mulch kit for the honda sucks! But I do use the double blades, because it packs more leaves in the bag, and it may even pack more grass. I have heard you can run a gator on the 2 blade set up, But it still wont mulch, The honda is great for bagging.
    Ill be buying a Toro next time, but Im not sure Ill get a chance, since the Honda's seem to run forever! :p
  5. gusbuster

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    The honda double blade set up sucks and a waste of money. If I'm mulching, I just run a single gator mulching blade.

    As far as honda as a mulching machine, it' not.
  6. KeithD

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    Any of you want to sell your useless mulch kit to a home owner?

    I know what they cost new, so please be realistic here. I hear they suck! Just want to find out for myself. Even if I use the hi-lift aftermarket blade I bought, I need the mulch plug.

    My alternative is to use my new (used) American Mower Co. mod. 1815-18, 18" reel mower to sort-of mulch. Am in Pac. NW, Western WA state. Rain / drizzle country.

    Good day to you all!
  7. Rustic Goat

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    For tight spots and when a little mulching is required, I've been using a Honda 21" commercial, set up with stacked mulching blade kit, (mower is eight years old now) and it gives a very clean cut & mulch. No matter what turf conditions are.
    Never had any difficulties with cut quality or
    clogs, even in very long wet grass.
    I see no reason to use any blade set up other than the stacked that Honda offers.
  8. Mickhippy

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    Over here, Honda (not the commercial mower but the one down) mulch kits come with 1 long blade. I used it for both mulch and catch. Worked fine for me. I hope your mowing in the right direction. Clockwise pick-up, anti mulch! Wet grass is a prob though.
  9. GarPA

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    Ditto on the majority of comments above....the Honda is helpless in the high growth season whether the mulch kit is on or off.
    Great engine...lasts forever.....lousy mower. Have owned 2 of them and wont own a third
  10. gusbuster

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    Just go to your local mower shop and order a gator blade. Since you do not need to put a second blade on, which slows the engine down, will get the same performance as having a second blade on. The gator blade has a special fin setup on the blade that re-cuts the grass, but is only effective if you're not cutting more than 1 inch off. As to mulching in wet conditions, just go with a blower to spread clippings out. oh by the way, keep the blade sharp.


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