Honda commercial mower issue


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so quick question for those who arre using the Honda HRC-216 (micro cut)...

Are you having issues backing up the mower and the grass flap (stripe flap behind the 2 back wheels) getting in the way when you sart to move forward again? I swear they have made it longer or something. I have used commercial Hondas for 14 years now and never had ANY issues until recently. To me it seems like they have made it slightly longer. I am about to modify the stupid thing.

My other frustration with this mower is the new style of gas tank, it is a pain in the rear to see into when pouring in gas.

anyway, just my rant. Anybody else having issues?


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Tulsa, Ok
Its not just you... me too! I'm having issues with the same thing. I so like the old gas tank and I also am so close to taking off that grass flap!!!


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With 2 brand new model last year machines of the HRC216's, I
can honestly say that we haven't had issues with the safety/striping
flap as of yet. Will keep an eye on that part for sure.

Only issues we have had till the season was over last year with them
was both units, was slipping of the height adjustment handles out of
place on rough properties. We cured that by using a fein multimaster
to make the notches deeper. Worked like a charm!
Also surprisingly on both units the welds that hold the pull start knob
in their little catch loop halfway up the frame were supremely and
horrendously substandard. Worked out for the better anyways as we
just re-welded them facing inwards anyways which makes them a
whole lot more safe. No more catching them on fences, brush, tailgates
or what have you.

I'll agree with you both on the gas filler neck. Pitch black hole, but very
well built. But ya, WTF couldn't they have made even just the top part
see through?


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thats funny on the rope pull, now that you mention it we had an issue with that as well.

I talked to the dealer today and he thought I was crazy. So I took him outside to a brand new Honda and showed him exactly what I meant, he was dumbfounded and had no idea it was that bad until I showed him. He is going to call the Portland Honda rep and talk to him about it.

To me it is pretty simple, if it isn't broke, don't fix it or in this case change it.


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Don't worry about the rear flap, it will bust off soon enough. I replace mine with a strip of rubber cut from truck mudflaps. Way more durable and stiffer for a better stripe. The gas tank black hole is just another who cares from Honda. You can't tell me that no engineer saw that when they designed/built the thing? " Oh don't worry about that, people will still buy them"


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Well they do recommend the NoSpill brand gas cans.


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and when a rock hit's an employee, and he Sues you,

you may want to replace the safety fetures on your equipment


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It's still a rock catcher because it drags on the ground. I think they made it longer so it would hit the ground if someone had the height all the way up.
So if it's too long for you just trim it.