Honda Commercial Mowers


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As 65 said, the Honda 13 will be adequate on that deck for most applications.

Honda has a loyal following out there...almost a subculture. My opinion is that they are well built, thoughtfully designed machines. The dual lever hydro adjustment on the dash is a strong point.

Maximum ground speed is a little low compared to other hydro walk behinds...

Overall, it's not the one I would choose, but it is a solid piece of machinery.
The part I liked for a fixed deck was the quick change height adjustment (within a range) no tools required.Over changing height on belt drive fixed deck I was looking at,that seemed to be a pain to change cutting height. The 13 hp seemed too small for a 48" ,but after using it it is not seems well matched to the deck very good on gas too.


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Honda makes a fantastic engine no doubt about it. The rest of the mower is built by Bunton/Textron. They build a good machine and have proved themselves to Honda.Like turfquip said, not my 1st pick but it is a good one.