honda engine on proline 21 inch

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by odin, Oct 4, 2002.

  1. I got a catolog from power equipment ware house and they are listing a toro proline 21 with a honda 5.0 engine .

    Any one heard about this engine on a proline 21 inch. It must be a new option for 2003.

    self propelled they are listing their price as 1000$
  2. 65hoss

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    The little Honda motors are great! I have the 5.5 honda motors on my aerators. Got good power and the longivity is legendary.
  3. mcambrose

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    I also love the honda engines. ONly problem I have had is the max rpm setting. I have had it set at least four times since I bought it this spring and it keeps dropping down. Power is not down on the mower, the governor just seems to stretch and the rpms drop. My other honda engines have been almost indestructible.
  4. GarPA

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    well if that combo is for real, I'll be buying one...I've used Honda 21's for many years...and as others on previous threads have said, their engines on these mowers at the best...but, their mowers leave a bit to be desired IMHO..cant raise height enough, somthing always breaking, cant mulch adequately, and bigs down in thicker turf....I think their problem might be rooted in their deck design...anyway, this sounds like a perfect combo of engine and mower.
  5. kitzy

    You want to check it out their number is 1-800-769-3741
    they list the order model as 22167 this is for a 21inch self propelled the list is a 1000$ but they say call for their price.

    On the ones they list for the honda engine they dont list a bbc model just zone start models.
    The one not self propelled lists for 870$ and again they say call for thery price.
  6. Nomoslowmow

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    I bet this is a mistake in the catalog. Toro uses Suzuki and Kawasaki motors on their 21" mowers.

  7. greenman

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    With all the BS about the 2 cycles, it may be true. I am getting a new Toro proline the beginning of next season, and I may consider the Honda motor if its available.
  8. PaulJ

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    I was just talking to my dealer today about Toros
    No more Suzuki 2-cycles after this year. They are making as many as they can now so they can have them for the 2003 mowers but supplies will be limited, after that only 4-cycle.( due to all the EPA regs crap).:mad: :cry:
    I don't know about the Honda being one of the 4-cycle options though:confused:
  9. ilovethisgame

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    And on top of that they will only come in zone start. I just had to reserve the last bbc model at a dealer 200 plus miles from my house! These are the last of the superior 21" mowers :cry:

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