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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by dougaustreim, Mar 20, 2004.

  1. dougaustreim

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    I've always rated Honda engines at the top of my list, but this morning I really became a beleiver. We had a machine with an 8HP Honda that had sat in the back corner of an old unheated shed, leak roof etc. This engine had not been touched in at least 6 years, and had many hundreds of hours on it when it was parked. Pulled it out and was anticipating spending some time to get it running. Started on the first pull and never missed a beat. Most small engines if they sit for six months are nearly impossible to restart. These Hondas are amazing

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  2. bob

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    Thats probably why Sears is starting to put Honda engines on their Crapsman mowers. Think of all the money that they'll save not having to fix all those mowers every year that won't start.

    NCSERVICE LawnSite Member
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    I doesnt cost sears anything..... people pay to have there mowers fixed every year.
  4. mobilefleet

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    yep- I've had an air compressor with Honda 5.5 hp motor with hundreds of hours on it, even in 20 degree weather choke it, pull it once, and move choke back and it runs perfectly. All I ever do is change oil once a year and plug. Sometimes the low oil switch will shut off the motor if you're on an incline so I just disconnect the yellow wire by the start switch. Only do that if you know it really has sufficient oil!:D
  5. locutus

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    Sat for six years and cranked on first pull? I'm calling b.s. on that one.
  6. MudslinginFX4

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    I am a big fan of Honda engines (even 3/4 of my equipment has them) but it usually takes atleast 2 pulls maybe 3 pulls to start my wb mowers, and thats only after they have been sitting over night. One pull in 6 years? Damn, maybe something is wrong with my new Honda motors????? :)
  7. dougaustreim

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    Well, locutus you can call it BS if you want, but God and two other witnesses know that it is not.

    If you knew me at all, you would know that I don't say things just to flap my jaws. One pull is what happened, and thats the way it is.

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  8. SER

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    Honda makes a pretty good engine! Dependable, but expensive.
    Sears spends money on sending their repair people out to customers houses to fix their mowers, thats why people PAY for the extended warranty program. I have a brother in law that is a major scammer! He bought a Sears mower and the extended warranty plan, with the "come out to your hosue to fix your mower" plan. He purposly ran the mower with low oil so they would give him a new machine. I told him he should have just went ahead and bought a machine with a Honda engine on it and avaoid the problems. Oh well, some people are just scammers all their lives! And thats my opinion.
  9. heritage

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    You must of had sta-bil in the gas tank otherwise I don't believe it.
    Pete D.
  10. dougaustreim

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    No Sta bil. I am beginning to think I should not have started this thread, since it appears no one wants to beleive me. I know what happened, take it or leave it.


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