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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Tomuchmowing4me, Jun 9, 2007.

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    Trying to find a IPL for the mini-honda fg100 tiller. After many years of worry free use,I think the gear drive may have gave up the ghost. Runs fine, but tines wont turn, have taken tines off and still no rotation. Ideas? i am assuming gear driver or clutch? IPL would be nice too, I have the honda site manuals for owners etc, but no IPL to be found. Thanks for any info.
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    You can get a BUNCH of info at this link-
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    I will check out the link, Thanks.
    I tore it down today and right before splitting the lower unit, all bolts removed already. i thought i would hand turn the clutch drum and the tines turned. So I looked closer at the 2 clutch shoes and there is only about (guessing here by looks) 8mm-9mm of shoe left on each.
    How much shoe is on each clutch shoe when new? Anyone got a pic of a new clutch? part number and idea of price? is there a site sponsor here that sales Honda tiller parts? I usually have to special order everything from the local Honda dealer for any type of part I ever wanted for different stuff.
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    I am not sure, but you may also be able to get some of the parts from a Hoffco dealer. I think Honda was buying the gearbox from them for those tillers up until the latest one which is a 110 with some letters...I forget...LOL

    Are you sure the engine is running up to speed like normal? Are the shoes free to move other than the springs holding them back?

    Is there any grease/oil or other slippery substance on the shoes or drum?
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  6. Tomuchmowing4me

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    Wasn't the clutch. I decided before ordering the clutch, I would take the lower unit apart to make sure it wasn't the brass gear on the tine shaft. Well it was the brass gear on the tine shaft, worn in one direction. So till I get the parts, I flipped the shaft around so the brass gear went the opposite direction and its works again for now, temp fix till getting new unit or parts.
  7. Tomuchmowing4me

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    Well thats all it took tine shaft with new pressed on brass gear. part #15 on IPL 2nd link. Part cost $35 and took about a hour to replace. If you buy the whole trans for $115 it will take you less then a half hour to replace it, 6 bolts total.
    Lesson learned, make sure to grease lower end once a year per owners manual, never knew that before and bet thats why a bunch of these have this problem. Kind you use in a grease gun to grease ball joints and U-joints.
    Pete's had the part to me in 3 days.

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