Honda g300 connecting rod replacement FR700

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by almondgt, Sep 10, 2009.

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    I would like to say hi to all on this site. I am replacing :cry: a con rod in a Honda g300 engine that is mounted on a model FR700 rear tine tiller. The two con rod bolts that attach the rod to the crank came loose so I am now in the process of replacing the connecting rod. Engine was extremely noisey running at that point. I need to know what the torque specs are for the two con rod bolts that hold the rod on the crank and the torque specs for the cylinder head bolts/nuts. Which color of locktite should I use on the con rod bolts? Does it matter which way the oiler dip thingy lubricator on the bottom of the con rod faces? The dip thingy splashes oil on the crank shaft/con rod area. When I ordered the new con rod the original part was no longer available and the new part description stated UNDERSIZE. What would that mean? Look forward to feedback on the above mentioned and if there is anything else I should be looking at prior to reassembly. :walking:
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    An undersize rod is meant for use when you have the crankshaft turned to a smaller diameter to remove surface damage.

    If you have not had your crank turned...dont use that rod.

    Also, rod bolts...if they are going to come loose it will happen very early in the life of an engine, not years down the road.
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    con rod torque 9.1-11.1 ft-lb, head bolts 17-19 ft-lb, crankase 15-17 ft-lb,
    dipper install flat side face to flywheel, washer lock used for ser. n. 1024468 and subsequent. then yes, you have to take crankshaft and con rod to machine shop to be turned.
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    Thank you sanchezmechanic for your invaluable information. I am wondering how much damage is too much on the crankshaft. I can feel high lines around the crank shaft and don't think they will come out with emery cloth. Does anyone know what the undersize measurement of the crankshaft is supposed to be with an undersized connecting rod? No info on line that I can find. The undersize connecting rod part number from Honda is 13200-889-506. Tiller engine serial number is G300-1354811. The user manual states 10-40 engine oil. Can i run straight 30 Castrol oil? Appreciate your input on same .

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