Honda generator?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Mr.Mow-It-All, Mar 29, 2006.

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    It won't say Honda on it. I'll be honest with you here. If you just want the generator for emergency use look into the Coleman line. The reason I say this is 3 fold. First you can buy parts for Coleman generators virtually everywhere in the U.S. and almost everywhere in the world.

    Second is warranty. Even Coleman rebuilt/reman generators come with a Coleman factory warranty that can be used at any Coleman dealer. Some of the lesser known brands are difficult to get parts for and warranty work done and that's not an issue with Coleman. You can kinda think of Coleman as the MTD of the generator world. They're far from the best but they do work and they're everywhere.

    Third is a Coleman generator head can easily be re-excited by the user with a 12 volt battery and 2 pieces of wire. A lot of generators will loose their ability to generate electricity if they sit for too long. The procedure is then to re-excite the field coil (I'm not positive that's what it's called) with a 12 volt battery. With the Coleman generator heads you simply pop a small cover off the end and touch the ends of the brushes with the 12 volts and you're back in business. A lot of non Coleman generator heads require disassembly of the generator bell end (the end of the generator that's not attached to the engine) to re-excite them.
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    I would buy it because you never know when you will need it!!!! Honda's are great motors.

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