Honda gx160 surge help!!!

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    I've got a GX160 on my Plugr Aerator. Last week it would only run on about 3/4 choke on....would cut off once choke was off. While doing a yard(on 3/4 choke), I hit a root or brick or something HARD.... the machine jumped like 1 foot in the air. Right after that - it started surging. That night - I did the following : drained old gas and replaced with new high test + a shot of sea foam, re-cleaned air filter, put new spark plug on (old one looked ok), then proceeded to take the carb off and clean. Nothing looked out of place or like it was sticking.... I even cleaned out the jet and it's housing. It will now run without the choke but will cut off once under stress..... and still surges. Any ideas? Thx :hammerhead:

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    come on - nobody has had this problem with a honda gx engine???
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    The impact shock may have sheared the flywheel key knocking it off timing. Also, since the carb was cleaned it needs to be readjusted.

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