honda gx340 11HP folles euro wáter locked Up

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by coreyod21, Nov 27, 2012.

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    I was given a gx340 11HP engine for free. The guy didn't take care it. It's from a pressure washer that he said the pump went so it let it sit outside for two years..I took it to use on my giant vac 11HP leaf Blower that has a old written Briggs on it. The Honda seems to be locked up. I took the plug off and literally dumped water out of the cylinder. Do you think it's even possible to save the engine for cheap myself? If so where do I start? Thanks
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    First dump all the oil, the crankcase is probably also filled with water. Remove the spark plug and try pulling the recoil. If it still doesn't move, spray a ton of penetrating oil (e.g. PB Blaster) into the cylinder through plug and hole and let it sit overnight. Next day, spray some more penetrating oil in the cylinder and try pulling it over. Will probably take some force to bust it loose. If it has freed up, great. Pull recoil several times with plug still out to get rid of most of the penetrating oil/remaining water/debris.
    Fill with fresh oil. Install new plug+check for spark. Fill with gas and give it a shot. (I would clean out the carb quick first!!! Or might just want to buy a cheapo aftermarket carb on eBay once you know it isn't locked up)
    Dump the oil out after ~<30mins of light use and refill with fresh.

    I have 'rescued' a few similarly fated gx hondas like this with great success. Love these engines. Don't expect it to last or have the power of one that has properly maintained, but I'm sure it will run!
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    Remove the head...look at the cylinder...
    If its rusted...don't spend too much time on it..
    Hate to see you waste money on a free engine..

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