Honda Harmony 1011-Engine won't shut off

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by nickva, Jun 25, 2008.

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    Good day to all.

    I have a Honda Harmony 1011 with Hydrostatic transaxle and electric start, and a shop manual with updates for same.

    On page 4-60 there is a wiring diagram that shows two wires coming from the block. One is white that should connect to the gray wire coming from the chassis. That gray chassis wire then goes to the Regulator/Rectifier.

    The other wire from the block is black (really gray under the protective sheath) that is connected to a black/red wire. That black/red wire then goes to the Interlock Relay and ignition contact on the Ignition Switch.

    If I had those two chassis wires reverse connected to the wires from the block would that prevent the engine from shutting off at the Off position of the Ignition Switch?

    Not realizing I had/have a problem, the engine starts just fine, but won't shut off by the key, and fails to respond by shutting off when the Seat Switch is without weight. I took everything apart, and tested each of the electrical components per the manual, and all passed.

    Logic tells me to just reverse the two chassis wires with the block wires, but I didn't know if that would hurt/kill the electrical components.

    Please advise.

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