Honda Harmony fg100 tiller

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by skillswife, Feb 25, 2005.

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    I am looking at buying a Honda Harmony fg100 tiller used for 100 the owner says that there is one bad gear on the shaft that drives the tines. My questions is can this be fixed and if so how much for parts. My husband can fix just about everything. I just don't want to buy it for 100 and have to put 200 into it. Any info would be great thanks
    Christine :help:
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    The worm gear transmission is a weak point for these units. The individual parts are not available--You have to buy the whole transmission. While you have that off, you might as well replace the clutch pads too. Parts alone will be about $150. Your total cost: about the same as a new one. Save the hassle and your money.
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    I tried a new 1,mulching mulch beds with it very lite duty work broke the gear after 3 months.CCWKen is right.
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    As stated it wouldn't be economic to repair the unit. Buy a new FG110 with a newly designed gearcase. It also has the new OHC 25cc engine and is lighter.
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    Check you local Home Depot they clearanced out the Honda Fg100 for only $150 brand new still in the box. If you want by the service agreement its only $19.99. They clearanced them to sell the new FG110. :waving:

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