Honda HHT35S “Gear Case Lubricant”


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Greetings….new to the forum, and yes….I have a question for the experts.
I have a Honda HHT35S brush trimmer ( I’ve owned it for about 6 years, and use it infrequently ) bought it new, so it’s never been abused.
My question is what lubricant is suggested for the “gear case”?
I understand that there is a product where once the plug is removed, the threaded tip of the tube can be screwed in.
Any ideas of the product I am explaining?
I have been unable to find any info on suggested OEM or other.
Thanks in advance!!


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There's two types of Stihl lube.

The part number for the trimmer gearbox lubricant is 0781 120 1117.

The other is 0781 120 1109, multilub.

My adjustable angle hedge trimmer kombi attachment uses both types.

Maybe someone else has more knowledge of the differences. Perhaps helical gears versus inline reciprocating for hedgetrimmers etc.

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