Honda HR-214 Idle Adjustment

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jff6791, Apr 13, 2010.

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    I installed a replacement carburator on a Honda HR-214 (GXV120 engine) obtained from here:
    <> while troubleshooting a no start problem. After figuring out the fuel shutoff valve operates in reverse direction on new carb the engine now starts but the pilot screw (idle) adjustment doesn't seem to do anything. Both high and low idle speeds seem lower than I used to remember when the mower ran correctly. Tried the governor adjustment in the shop manual but that didn't help. Appreciate any ideas.

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    #8 below is the high idle speed adjustment screw, Back it out to raise the high speed RPM's. You may need to move the throttle cable in the hold down clamp to achieve proper high speed adjustment.

    If this new carb doesn't have a limit cap on the "LS" screw close it until LIGHTLY seated then open it 3 turns and leave it. With the engine running lower the throttle control to idle position, If it's too low turn the "TS" screw in until proper idle speed is acheved......

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    Hey - thanks for the feedback and photos. There is no cap on the LS screw - I actually tried swapping it with the one from original carb to no avail. Checked the throttle cable at the control and it was off a little - you adjust this so choke plate is completely closed in "Choke" position and engine stop works correctly. Idle still seemed too low - engine actually surging/hunting at lowest setting so examined governor linkage again. (Setting this is rather sloppy since you have to tighten a lockscrew while turning a shaft and holding a lever in position all at the same time). It's idling a little higher now but the LS pilot adjustment still has no effect - even leaving the screw out entirely makes no difference.

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