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Hi there. I am new to the lawn business. I have just been handed over about 15 residential yards by a good friend. I have been using his equipment. I have been looking for a few weeks to get a self propelled push mower at a low price, good enough to get by until I can afford something better. I just came across this mower. I am wanting to spend around $100-$200 on a mower. Anyone who is knowledgeable about these mowers or just mowers in general. Does this seem like a good deal?? I have read from searching Google and other sources that this is "one of the best push mowers ever to be made" confirming what he put in his post. What do you all think?

HONDA HR 214 SX - $175

"Nice Honda lawnmower. Very well made. Aluminum deck, driveshaft self-propelled, two speed. Older mower but one of the best mowers made by Honda. Not to be confused with the cheaper versions sold by the big box stores. Smokes sometimes at cold start after sitting for a while . Clears up quickly and runs great."

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whatever website you found,they are right.

That probably is the best push mower ever made.My parents have one that I know is over 20 years old.Still runs strong.


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Ive had nothing but a horrible experience with a 21" honda mower, horrible cut, slow, throttle would constantly vibrate down, flimsy, amongst other problems. I liked the toro or snapper much better. I do have to mention that none of them were commercial mowers but rather the better home owner models.
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The smoking at cold start is because the rings are getting weak. That happens to the Honda's eventually as they age of course so plan on giving it a new set of rings pretty quick if you start stacking a bunch more hours on it.

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