Honda HR215 Transmission Problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Hannzo24, Oct 19, 2009.

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    I have a Honda HR215 hydrostatic push mower that is having transmission problems. I can't get the shift lever to vary the speed, it only goes one speed now, which is really fast. I also can't get the wheels to turn when I pull and go backwards. I checked the fluid and the throttle cable to make sure it was working, which it is. What should be my next steps to diagnose this problem? Thanks.
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    Hi Hannzo, I've attached some information from a service manual on the the HR215 Hydro, I'm not that familiar with the HR215 but hope the information will help. TC
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    My HR215SXA with hydrostatic trans just started acting up yesterday. When engaging transmission, it goes a few feet and then stops. I adjusted both the drive and gear cables to no benefit. I took off the plastic cover, the drive shaft is turning, but no power out.

    Both levers have splines on them and best I can tell it looks like there is no play.

    I have never even thought about changing fluid in this trans. I have two of these units, both 10 years or older. But they are fabulous machines. A new trans is more then 1/2 what I paid for the unit, would love to fix this at minimal cost.

    Brian Randall
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    Go look up this on youtube, there are a lot of people that have repaired that tranny for you tube. I thought about buying one for a while then i got my brand new condition 160 series for like $80 which I could not say no to.
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    Share the serial number off the back of the mower deck with me, and I can look up and post some troubleshooting. It should look somewhat like this:


    FYI, the SXA was the gear-drive model. The HXA is the hydrostatic one.

    Caveat: I work for Honda, but the preceding is my opinion alone.

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