Honda HRC216 vs Exmark 21-X

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by docmac86, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. docmac86

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    I think I have read every thread about these two mowers and I am still having trouble picking one. I need a self-propelled mower for two yards - estimate a 100 hours a year. My preference is to buy a really good mower keep it for many years. I don't have storage space for a rider or a trailer for a larger mower.

    The Honda has all the bells and whistles but seems complicated and expensive to repair any major problem. Maintenance I will do my self. The Exmark with the Kawasaki seems simple and cheaper to repair if needed. How well can the speed on the Exmark be varied? Can you go slowly around a tree or along a fence? Will the Kawasaki last as long as the Honda?

    I can get the Honda for $1149 and the Exmark for $1079. The Exmark appeals to me because of simplicity but I can't help but think the Honda is more for the money.

    Any advice is appreciated. BTW, I got a chance to use a friend's Toro 22197 and I hate the controls and have already eliminated that mower.
  2. bjack312

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    You probably couldn't go wrong with either one.

    I just started using the HRC 216 this year, and after getting used to the controls, I am very impressed with the mower. It is a well designed and solidly built mower, and it has the best cut of any 21" mower that I have used.

    As for longevity, the Kawasaki and Honda engines are both rock solid. I retired my 15 year old John Deere JX75 this year, which has the older FJ150 Kawasaki on it. The engine is the only thing that is still good on the mower, and it would probably go another 500 hours. The mower has at least 2,000 hours on it.

    If you decide on the Honda, O'Connors in OKC recently had the HRC 216 on sale for $1,049.
  3. docmac86

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    I appreciate the information. I think I will probably go with the Honda. My father-in-laws HR215SXA has lasted 21 years with one minor repair and routine maintenance. Also, I suspect that the Honda would be easier for my 11y/o son to learn how to use than the Exmark since I can initially set the speed low. He will be mowing soon and weight of the mower won't be a big issue since he is very athletic and both lawns are very flat.

    I appreciate the info about O'Conners and I will be visiting my dad in Mustang on Father's Day weekend. However; I called and the price is now $1099. I suspect the goodwill of Smith Farm and Garden here in Tulsa is worth $50 if I needed warranty work. I might politely ask if they would match the price.

    Again, thanks!
  4. DieselMDX

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    i have that honda and love it, no problems for over 5 years!
  5. limaint

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    We got the exmark x recently and it is awesome so far...easy height adjustments and has spin on oil and air filters...very nice at both mulching and bagging...cant say anything bad about it...i'm sure the honda is nice also but think its easier to get parts for the kawasaki...
  6. slowleak1

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    Too small of a motor for that big of a price IMO. You can buy a hrx with a 190 versus the 160 in the hrc, and you get regular drive over hydro which saves a good bit in weight. The only difference is Nexite versus steel and hydro over belt drive.

    Personally I choose my hrr216 over just about every other mower I have used (I've tried a lot) simply cause I can't kill it, it's light weight, cuts awesome and has yet to not start on the first pull. I cant see spending a grand on something that does the same job of a $400 mower, and weighs more doing it.

    Again this is jmo not trying to bash any brands or mowers.

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