HONDa hrx mulching abilty

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by odin, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. Well my toro 2 cycle finally was put in the shop ,first time since 1989.

    I been mowing my own lawn ..i have a 1/2 section in the front i mow with a 21.I have a areins to but i decoded id go down to my dealer and buy me another 21 proline for my own lawn and use it as a backup if any of my 21'sw went down for repairs.

    No prolines in stock no decent toro's dealer talks me into a honda hrx .The deck on the damn thing looks like its made of plastic,dealer told me dont worry indestructible..cost 6.99 before tax.

    Ive been sick havent been able to mow my grass in wee bit over two weeks.The grass was a good 8 inches or better.

    Well it shocked the s h i t out of I never would have believed any mower could out mulch my toro prolines .This mower outmulches the toro.

    It is hydro but not a shaft driven like my commercial honda hrc216 does.It has a belt from the trannie to the engine instead.

    If honda put this mulching system on the high end commercial honda's id buy it in a minute flat....

    Even tho this mower cost 700 bucks i doubt it would hold up for guys who use 21's heavy.

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