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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Roger, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Turf Dawg

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    The only thing I do not like is the way the wheel/tires are made. I put screws in the outside of mine so the tire does not get pulled away from the wheel around curbs. I still say this is the best cutting trim mower out there for the price.
  2. Roger

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    TurfDawg - I talked with another person using a HRX for commercial duty, and they had the same issue. Mine has been fine so far. He said the reason he had troubles with the tires/wheels was so many places with sharp concrete edges with deep edges. The wheel ran against the concrete edge, pulling away the rubber. He too used screws to help secure the tire on the wheel. Thanks for confirming the tip.
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    first oil draining is easy run mower for about 30 sec to a min pull the dipstick and lay on its side and out the filler tube gets all to oil and while its draining you can sharpen the blades.

    i went from a hrx to an hrc and find it hard to use the hrx now it feels to light hated filling it up every lawn or to my commercial has a 2 litler tank and can get 5 - 6 lawns per tank compared to the one or 2 if lucky.

    baging i found that i could usualy get about 3/4 bag till it would not suck any more the commercial will fill the bag and shoot then start to mulch.

    i love the controls and the feel of both mowers they are long but im taller and that works beter for me.

    i found the clip director would get grass in it and was hard to move from bag to mulch .

    the hrx has a 6.5 hp and the commercial has a 5.5 hp i do notice a power diference in taller grass and that is probaly where you get the fuel acconemy.

    i noticed the hrx tends to leave a small line of grass on the right side so having to overlap to get the left behind grass is hard to get nice lines.

    over all is is a very nice mower but i will probaly go for a nother commercial spending that extra couple hundred is well worth it but either way you cant go wrong with any honda.

    this is just my .02 cents and what i have found and my recomendations.
  4. jfoxtrot9

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    Any more on the surging issues?

    I see the tip about uping the rpms to overcome, but this seems ridiculous for what is supposedly one of the best trim mowers out there,don't you think? The surging of this motor absolutely drives me nuts! It actually makes me hate this mower! I have never had a mower that ran like this, none of several Briggs engines (you know, the supposedly inferior engine), not even my one hundred year old spare sounds this bad. Despicable Honda!

    I do appreciate the tip about the wheels! Another trouble spot with this mower. I will try it.
  5. Roger

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    In my case, I didn't mention anything further about the surging because it has all but disappeared. I did nothing to remedy the problem. It seems like a few hundred hours of running made the difference.
  6. hate2work

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    In my quest to find a new mower after my 12 yo Ariens died, I did a search, found this great site and this thread about the HRX217HXA. Decided to buy one, the only place that had one left around here was HD. Used a 10% discount coupon my wife bought on e-bay for $6 to save almost $75 at the register, that was a good deal.

    Got it home last night, put in the fluids and it started with one pull. I ran it for just a few minutes, too dark to mow.

    Mowed for an hour with it tonight, very nice mower. Again, started with one pull.

    Something surprised me about it... that you have to choke it to start even when it's hot. I did not expect that. No big deal at all, just surprising to me.

    You can "feather" the drive bail to slow down, very nice when turning.

    Easy to find a pace that suits you, the lever has several detents that cover everything from snail to a fast walk.

    I like the Nexite deck, makes the mower light and nimble. After using my nephew's commercial Honda, I realize how heavy it was in comparison. I think the new Honda Commercial 21's are going to have this deck on them.

    Both rear wheels are drive wheels. Nice.

    It mulches extremely well. Grass is chopped into very fine pieces because of the twin blade setup.

    And the rear discharge worked well for me too. In fact, it worked better for me than mulching, as it NEVER slowed down when in the rear discharge mode, whereas it would slow a bit at times when mulching.

    The engine ran perfect, no surging at idle as has been reported by some others.

    This thing left no stragglers that I could see, even going back and moving the grass with my foot to try and raise them.

    Only one thing bothered me, the darned gas tank has such a skinny neck, and is easy to overfill. After mowing for an hour, it was getting low on gas, I can see how this would frustrate a commercial user. Then again, this isn't a commercial mower.

    Over all, this is a great mower. But for that much money, it ought to be!! I'm glad I bought this instead of the HRC, this gives me the option of rear discharge that the commercial one doesn't have, is 20 lbs lighter and has folding handles.

    Thanks to Roger for this review thread, it helped with my decision tremendously :)
  7. Roger

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    It will run about 1:30 on a full tank of fuel, perhaps 1:25. I knew this would be a problem, but decided it wasn't that much of a problem. In reality, now that my machine has been through a few hundred hours, the fuel tank isn't as much of a problem as anticipated. I have a 2 1/2 gal can within easy reach on the trailer, good nozzle. I've just become accustomed to refueling at proper intervals -- it has been a long time since I've ran it out. Mine typically runs through four tanks per day, sometimes five, and at the most six. But, by now, I know my route, how long each job takes, and if I can make one or two properties.

    My point: Small tank is not as much of a problem in reality as anticipated.
  8. joed

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    Have you been able to use the HRX217 to mulch/bag leaves yet? I'm very interested in seeing how the unit does with leaves/fall-cleanup.

    Here's a video from Youtube that shows some capabilities of this machine:
  9. deere615

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    thats all I mainly use to suck up leaves in the fall is my 2 hrx's they do an excellent job
  10. hate2work

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    The more I use this machine, the more I like it. Put another hour on it tonight, this time in pretty thick, wet grass. It didn't phase it a bit, just plowed right through, spitting it out the back chute.

    Switched to a no-spill gas can, that eliminates any over-filling.

    Couple of questions for anyone who might know.

    Does it hurt the drive system to feather it? I find it much easier to turn doing that.

    Also, does the drive system require any maintenance? I know it has fluid in there, maybe using a high quality synthetic would increase the life of it?

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