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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Roger, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Roger

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    joed - in this area, only a few very early leaves have fallen. First use on some dry maple leaves is promising, but no good test will be for another few weeks. In the past couple of years, I've put a Gator blade on the Toro Proline for leaf mulching. That has worked well, but will have to learn about how well the Honda does in similar situations.

    hate ... I don't think the feathering of the drive creates any problem. Apparently the less-than-full-forward position is only opening/closing a valve, perhaps the same valve as the ground drive speed selector is using. In my experience, I don't feather, rather use the bail in either the full, or "off" position. In the "off" position, the bail is used as another handle to maneuver the machine (e.g. pull to the rear, force side-to-side, etc). In feathering, one has to take care in the position of the bail. I would rather not worry about the position, rather use it forcefully as a handle. In the "off" position, I can pull on the handle with force, not having to be concerned about position.

    But, don't worry -- like any piece of equipment, we all find what works best for us, settle into a pattern and rhythm, and be productive.
  2. rm25x

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    Good review, thanks for the information. I use mostly 21" mowers and also bag with the properties I do.
    Right now I use an older Toro 4.5 hp Personal Pace RWD. I love that self propel system. I have tried several other mowers, and still think the personal pace is the best drive system out there IMHO. Just have to get a RWD version, never could figure out why people would want FWD.

    I think when it finally wears out, I am going to replace it with this:
  3. Merkava_4

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    I'm slowly building up a Snapper Hi-Vac. The plan is to leave the flywheel brake assembly off and use an ignition kill switch instead. The thing is though, I'm trying to keep the restoration costs below that of a new mower. :D
  4. leon2245

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    Super old thread, but what is the advantage of doing this?
  5. Duekster

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    I bet the mower is still running strong after 3 seasons.

    Nice review. I have a 7 year old HRC running strong.
  6. leon2245

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    At that time, someone in this thread mentioned Honda switching their commercial models to the Nexite decks too. Guess that didn't pan out. Would have been nice. Imagine how light their HRC push model could have been.
  7. siclmn

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    I know this thread is 3 years old but I recently had to use my HRX for 3 weeks while I had something done to my HRC (that I could have done myself in 5 min) one of the tabs that holds the bag on was always bending so I got lazy and took it to the dealer which was a stupid mistake, just a $20 dollar part.
    It sure was nice to use such a light weight mower for that time.
    My only complaint was that on some lawns it does not get the edge cut as good as the heavy HRC due to it's light weight, but only one customer complained about it.
    It is a great mower and it feels like it floats over the grass rather then rolls through the grass as the HRC does due to it's heavy weight.
  8. leon2245

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    Just got back from the honda dealer. ONly just now learning that you don't have a "manual reverse" when the gear is disengaged with the blade cutting on either the HRC or HRX. There is still resistance even when it's not in gear.

    So only snapper, exmark, & toro become essentially a push mower when the drive lever is not engaged?
  9. Duekster

    Duekster LawnSite Fanatic
    from DFW, TX
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    The hydrostatic drive will offer resistance for sure.
  10. weeze

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    i'd get the opti-drive system that has variable speeds. that's similar to the mower i have now. it uses a belt but i've never had to replace the belt and it still works great. i'd never get a hydrostatic/cruise control system. it's just more maintenance and if it goes out you're screwed. the belt drive all you would have to do is buy a cheap belt and you could even use it to push manually until you got a belt for it without having any resistance.

    i hate reviews like this when they say things completely opposite of the truth though. the honda engine on my pushmower runs smooth as butter and always has. it doesn't surge or run rough or knock at all and never has. no honda engine i've ever used has including my trimmers so i dunno where all of that comes from. just a review that isn't true in my experience.

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