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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gotgreen?, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. gotgreen?

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    looking to get a second 21", right now have a craftsman non self propelled with a Tecumseh engine that leaks oil from the bottom of the oil dip stick and keeps this mower very dirty (have changed the gasket a couple of times), plus is not really made for commercial use even do I do not have that many account where it is used. Thinking about the JD JX75 and Toro/Exmart BBC 21". Also while researching came across the which looks like if it has a few cool features,like being 22" (don't know if that really makes a difference), mulching, bagging and a combination of both and also has a hydro drive; I do not know if this is a con but it has a a different kind of blade that I do not know if it will be hard to sharpening (I get someone to do my blades, but I do not know if that person has experience with this kind and they can always be replaced for a different kind),now my question is: does anyone here has experience with this mower?, also witch small push mower do you use, and what is your experience with them. I know a lot of people does not use them and don't like using them, but some times they are necessary. I appreciate your comments and reply.
  2. MMLawn

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    The HRX is a good mower but it is still only a higher priced homeowner model and not a commerical mower. It would probably hold up okay though under very limited commerical use.
  3. TClawn

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    I have three 21" 'ers, a toro proline, toro personal pace super recycler, and a honda hrc216hrx. of the three I think that the honda is my favorite, followed closely by the super recycler, and then the proline.

    for you needs I think that the super recycler would hold up very well and do a great job. it's the best 21" that I have for wet conditions because it's light and easy to control your speed over the wet patches. if the wheels ever break (their plastic) you can just replace them with the wheels from a proline.
  4. EastCoast

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    I have a Honda HRX217TDA for residential use and it's great!

    With this mower you have the option to bag or mulch and anything in between and most important, it's starts on the first pull EVERYTIME!

    I think Honda product are great and worth the extra cost for residential use.
  5. saw man

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    I would sugest the comm. Honda myself but I have used the HRX and is does a good job! The hydro. drive is not as easy to get to as the comm. unit, and the blades are a straight shot at sharpening, no bends. You will have less problems with cables then the personal pace toro's and it is better suited for comm. use than those units.
    But I would still say go comm. quality!!! If not the HRX is a fine unit! I tested it right next to my Honda Master's and Comm. units. If you have any ?'s message me!!

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